Trends vol. 12

What moves the world? Which social developments inspire creative people? Designers, brands and artists are pausing and questioning more. Despite metaverse, AI, virtual reality and the like, they are focusing more on what it means to be human per se. Where are new technologies and crises leading us? Generation Z demands clear statements and reflection instead of totally vague forms of expression. Their strong buying power makes their voices heard. Computer-generated infinity should be reflected in real product worlds. Artificial intelligence offers new possibilities for that.

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Error 404

The trend Error 404 is pointing out cracks in society and humanity. Shirts and sweaters with statements in protest of fake perfection are issuing a wake-up call and taking a stand against the same old privileged few. But Error 404 doesn’t pull you down, it builds you up. So that people reach out to one another again. That’s essential. For mental health too.

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Go Social

Ownership comes with responsibilities. To do more for the community. To ensure more diversity, equality, inclusion, climate and environmental protecting. Tenting with a luxury limousine? Why not. An old compact car with a luxury interior? Sure. Social housing as a design statement? Wonderful. All this is manifesting itself in a reduction of materials too. For a better recycling rate. For a good climate. With and for each other.

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1000 Universes

Creatives, influencers, politicians, scientists? Nobody needs them any more. AI is helping us turn our ideas and dreams into reality. Whether it’s fairyland or an intergalactic planet, everybody can create the exact world they want to live in. 1,000 Universes is modern surrealism. Including the call for safe spaces in the digital world, created by legal regulations. Fashion, furniture, brands in organic forms that embrace and offer protection.

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Uber World

In Uber World, what Generation Z knows from the digital world of infinite possibilities is translated into the feel of things. Fantasy you can touch. Colourful, shrill, exaggerated. Colours applied super-thick, objects that seem to melt, designs plastered with patterns stimulate all the senses. In the metaverse too before long? With visual explosions, colour excesses and distortions that verge on the absurd, Uber World questions our desire for MORE AND MORE and is therefore criticism too. 

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