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Hot foil embossing

It all begins with curiosity. Only by surprising yourself can you enthuse others. Nowhere is this more true than in product design, where increasing demands to combine visual appearance with functionality fosters courageous decision making. We seek out the best path for you, off the beaten track, and stand by you if things get complicated. We pursue a 360° approach: from consulting on design and machine development to mass production. Great potential slumbers under (and on) your product surfaces. Our hot-stamping foil fully realizes it and puts your market success in an entirely new perspective. Thrill your customers with what’s coming!


Expert talk

Newest surface decoration developments

The experts at LEONHARD KURZ as well as partners and subsidiaries, answer questions about the latest developments in plastic surface decoration: How to respond to the requirements of e-mobility, the trend towards open living and mobility? How can these be efficiently, individually and sustainably be translated into efficient processes? This video summarizes the most important insights of all expert talks.


Hot-foil stamping – the merging of form and function

What matters in surface finishing is looking beyond the component. The more customer senses we appeal to, the greater the urge to buy. Plastic parts themselves should thus become aesthetic functional units. Wafer-thin coatings from KURZ decorate plastic surfaces with sensors. Color changes induced by touch or time of day, 3D effects, tactile designs, gesture control – unleash your creativity! At the same time, the surface remains the ‘skin of the product’. It is its best advertisement and provides protection. Yet it adds a crucial component to the purely material surface protection. Thanks to customized embossing, your brand acquires a fingerprint that cannot be counterfeited. Your product keeps its promise of quality – at all times and worldwide. At the same time you realize the potential of your plastic surfaces to make your product a new industry benchmark.


KURZ Logo gold auf metallsichem Hintergrund

Making every product unique

KURZ realizes this claim with more than 5,500 employees at over 30 global locations. KURZ is a world leader in surface finishing and produces in Europe, Asia and the USA according to the same high quality and environmental standards.

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Take a look with us into the future of surface decoration and find out what is already possible today. Get inspiration and new ideas, hear exciting stories and learn more about innovations from the world of KURZ!

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Transparency, customer orientation and highest standards are important to us. 

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