Visions unlimited

The boundaries between design and functionality are fluid. With a wide range of technologies that can be efficiently integrated into your value chain, surfaces are as fascinating and progressive as the mobile lifestyle of tomorrow. Backlighting, haptics, and sensor functionality provide additional highlights. KURZ solutions can be used for a wide variety of materials. Recycled materials can also be decorated with the same high quality and creativity as new material. Anything is possible!

The new desire for interactive design

Interactivity reaches new dimensions. KURZ masters the fascinating dynamics between design and complex surfaces perfectly. Touch or gestures ignite functional fireworks behind the Shy Tech surfaces.

Backlighting creates even more stunning design effects and personalization options.

100% design fascination!

The darkest black and brightest neon colors are combined in a spectacular surface design. With highly efficient processes: Print-Mold Decoration (PMD), hot stamping, In-Mold Decoration (IMD), Insert Molding - all according to your requirements.

Carbon Composite: Take it easy!

Only the highest level of precision will do here: KURZ has developed distinct decorations for special materials, such as carbon composite, that are thinner than a human hair. This results in lightweight and stable components that are created and decorated in a single process step without environmentally harmful painting, or sanding.

Disruptive technologies with 5G

KURZ decorations support 5G applications and are permeable for radar beams. This also applies to metallizations based on chrome and indium. Background lighting not only provides orientation but also brings emotions and lifestyle to the surface.

Lights on!

Make light a key element of your brand! Cleverly thought-out lighting concepts provide your customers with a unique user experience. 2D and 3D surfaces, different designs, full or partial backlighting - there are no limits to your imagination.

Wake me up!

One surface - two faces. The homogeneous, stylish dead-front surface only becomes a multi-functional center via a touch or gesture. Buttons and controls are only visible when the user needs them. Aesthetic shapes and the highest level of functionality characterize the product concepts of tomorrow.

Recyclate? Yes, please!

It can be decorated as sophisticatedly and creatively as new material. We support you on your path to sustainability with our advice, responsible design for recycling, as well as highly efficient machines and processes.

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