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Individual Post Decoration (IPD-skin®)

KURZ IPD-skin®: more individual design freedom

The megatrend for individualization is still in its infancy in the product world. Whether car, furniture, household appliances or entertainment electronics - nowadays your customers want to have a say in the end product and help design it. It’s all a question of personality! The many 3D printing options also allow new individual specifications to be implemented, such as new color designs and surface textures - which all come down to individual style. What’s more, it also benefits a stronger industry trend towards small series, special features, and customizable product elements. Our new decoration technology IPD-skin® addresses these requirements. Even large components can be finished easily, flexibly, and economically with this new process. This is what makes IPD-skin® especially suitable for the subsequent decoration of 3D-printed parts and elements.


Boost your customer loyalty with design freedom

IPD-skin® (Individual Post-Decoration) makes it possible to implement your customers’ design requirements - and thus enables you to respond to these even more individually. Another plus for boosting customer loyalty. As your expert partner for inspirational design proposals for future products, we advise you on all haptic, and in particular tactile and visual possibilities. The application of the decorative layer via vacuum and metered pressure retains pronounced surface haptics, which can actually feel like fabric or leather. There are no limits to the aesthetic dimension. Whether large-scale components or designer editions, individual vehicle interiors or customized products for the electronics industry: we help you realize exclusive decors that add value for your end customers. Choose IPD-skin® for maximum freedom of design at all times.

IPD-skin®: high flexibility in the decoration process

Quick design changes in the production cycle is another advantage of IPD-skin® allowing you to act more flexibly in practical production. And you lose neither time nor money when converting the production line to other design variants. With IPD-skin® from KURZ, we offer you an innovative technology that makes it easier to add individuality and high responsiveness to small batches or to larger 3D components. There are possibilities for this across all sectors: IPD-skin® can be used, for example, in the interior of automobiles. After all, customer focus has always been our incentive when it comes to achieving top technological performance for you; on request, this can also be done for mock-up creations.


Easy to use

Another advantage for you: Our IPD-skin® process impresses both with its simplicity and its speed. A prefabricated component is given an adherent decorative layer. This downstream process allows the decoration to be applied directly to the finished 3D component, even for small quantities, individual pieces, or prototypes. Free part design and surface decoration of strongly three-dimensionally shaped parts and undercuts are also made possible. Due to the low pressure and the low temperatures, we can create surfaces with pronounced haptic structures, such as fabric effects, a natural fiber feel, or similar.


As your decor and technology partner from concept to series production, we finish your products according to the wishes of your customers: individual, exclusive, and economical. And always reliable. IPD-skin® can be easily integrated into your value chain. We will gladly accompany your processes from creative concept to service during live operation. Get in touch!


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