CAP-tivate Luxury

Highest-quality surface finishing; non standard methods

Packaging design for the cosmetics industry is largely dominated by the processes of electroplating and painting. In these processes, a thin layer of metal or paint is applied to plastics, which then offers color variety and gloss effects.

KURZ has now succeeded in developing a new process by merging the advantages of In-Mold Decoration (IMD) and hot stamping technology: CAP-tivate Luxury expands the available design options many times over and, especially in comparison to electroplating, proves to be a more environmentally friendly and more effective process


Realizing dream designs - premium looks and haptic effects

Customers at the POS are less interested in ingredients than visual highlights on cosmetic packaging. So, the product design plays a major role in the purchase decision. It’s therefore advantageous if you can appeal to your buyers with a unique look. CAP-tivate Luxury from KURZ opens up completely new possibilities here: the process enables high-gloss metal designs with exciting decors, brush structures, gloss levels, colors and effects. Leave normal categories behind and define a new standard: a tin of smooth lotion with a soft-touch surface, male cosmetics in a real-metal look or with holographic effects - easy, with CAP-tivate Luxury. We’re happy to hear about your ideas and develop them together with you!

Electroplating was yesterday: design versatility - production efficiency - pollution reduction

Packaging is like artificial skin for your products. Making it less artificial and bringing it as close as possible to organic surfaces is the endeavor in the current trend sector of natural cosmetics. An after-shave with a tart and masculine fragrance from a bottle with a deceptively genuine woodgrain pattern, including the corresponding feel, is sure to appeal to the potential buyer. He might also be thrilled when natural motifs suddenly have a futuristic appearance: holographic effects, for example, bring a waterfall to life and create a unique showering experience. In addition to these almost inexhaustible decoration options, CAP-tivate Luxury offers a variety of other advantages compared to electroplating with Chrome 6:


  • 15% cost reduction for 1,000 pieces

  • Production and decoration process in one place; no storage or freight costs; CO2 reduction

  • 90 to 95% of the components can be used (only 60% when electroplated); fewer scrapped; more economical use of materials, and less waste

  • Environmentally friendly, dry process

  • No legal issues

  • Premium look with the greatest possible design variety and higher color consistency

As usual, we’ll accompany you along the entire value chain - from the design concept, through the development of the machine technology, to commissioning. Read more about the technical uniqueness behind CAP-tivate Luxury in the next section.

Fusion of IMD and hot stamping

CAP-tivate Luxury combines the strengths of two established processes: In-Mold Decoration (IMD) and hot stamping. A corresponding machine concept by KURZ is already available and can be integrated into your production within the shortest possible timeframe. Frequent sources of errors that occur due to the spatial separation of decoration and production can be avoided by combining the two process steps in one place. Special tooling ensures that the surface and side panels are seamlessly decorated. As a result, the closing join has a clean, sharp finish that gives the overall design a unified whole appearance.


Machine technology from KURZ

What sounds complicated is a logical continuation of known processes in practice: The injection takes place directly in the center of the part. Depending on the part size, 16 or 32 cavities are possible. The minimum size for the injection molding machine is 400 tons. Larger, individual versions of the machine are of course also possible. To decorate the side panels, we use state-of-the-art hot stamping machines from our subsidiary BAIER. Roller embossing makes the lateral curves of the plastic packaging a visual experience. Get in touch, and we’ll find your individual solution together. 


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