Chrome and Indium based Metallization

Chromium and indium metallization: A real brand statement

Think integrated antennas and 5G coupled with metallization, without compromising on design and functionality: KURZ metallization in chrome and indium also meets the highest standards. This decoration is a real alternative to electroplating and produces incredible effects that shape brands in the long term. This has enabled us to combine innovation, design diversity, forward-looking technology, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness in an impressive way. KURZ metallizations can be used across parts of, or the entire surface, and can also withstand different weather conditions: Wind and bad weather, humidity, moisture, and strong UV radiation cannot harm these surfaces. The powerful anticorrosive characteristic ensures that they remain immaculate. Glossy, semi-matte, matte, and brushed looks are just as possible as colorful and delicate decorations. An advantage of indium finishing: Thanks to the basic silver-white color, surfaces can be created that look like real chrome. 

Indium: Impress with gloss

Spectacular reflections combined with color and design create surfaces that look like real chrome. Indium is particularly suitable for use in exterior applications in the automotive industry and is therefore THE environmentally friendly alternative to the electroplating process. But of course, it’s just as suitable for Shy Tech designs for interior control panels and for 5G consumer electronics. At first glance, the surface appears homogeneous and harmonious. It only discloses the functionality behind it when it is touched or gesture controlled. Backlighting provides orientation and additional highlights. Here, too, we focus on sustainability. This finish does not impair the recyclability of the products, and it is ideal for decorating recycled materials. The finishing takes place in an efficient IMD and hot-stamping process.

Here is a small selection of the fantastic effects that can be achieved with indium-based metallization.

Dry chrome plating - from roll to surface

Hot stamping of corrosion-resistant real chrome foils is also extremely easy, in contrast to time-consuming, environmentally harmful galvanization. A chrome decorative layer and an abrasion-resistant protective lacquer are applied by means of hot stamping on the surface to be finished. It doesn’t matter whether it is a plastic or painted surface and whether you want to finish it fully or partially. You can decorate either in one or multiple stages, depending on which method fits your value chain better. And you can hot-stamp in-house and thus finish even small volumes easily, quickly, and inexpensively.

washing machine metallization plastic surface
radiator grille logo metallization
radiator grille metallization chrom indium
household appliance metallization
radiator grille metallization chrom
car panel metallization chrom

Matte, glossy, brushed, backlit - chrome has many faces. Impress your customers with sustainable, modern, and smart surfaces.

What's so special about chrome and indium-based metallization?

  • Unlimited design freedom: Patterns, colors, real chrome look, glossy, matte, semi-matte, and brushed surfaces
  • Suitable for 5G
  • Supports antenna use and radar radiation
  • Backlightable and therefore ideal for Shy Tech designs and touch control
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to electroplating
  • Usable on partial surfaces
  • High corrosion, UV, and abrasion resistance
  • Efficient IMD series process (indium) or hot-stamping process (chrome)
  • Suitable for different types of plastic (ABS, PC/ABS, ASA, PP, PA12)
  • Can be used with recycled materials

REACH-compliant metallization

Another argument for metallization with KURZ: Our raw materials are not subject to authorization under the EU REACH Regulations. For you this means you don’t need any approvals because our coatings are REACH compliant and therefore low in emissions, efficient, and recyclable. Let’s join forces and turn your brand into a statement - from the very first moment! Contact us!

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