Technical Center

Experience the future live in our Technical Center (Technikum)

A state-of-the-art technology center, bustling with activity everywhere. A machine is currently printing your PolyTC® sensors to your specification for your display. You take your component, equip the tool with a sensor and the coating KURZ has developed for you, and press the start button. You have just launched the future! The tools and machines run under live conditions - with the same high standards of precision and cleanliness as on your own production line. You can test all your desired decoration options and experience the cutting-edge technology firsthand. How do the coatings feel? How does the process work? Which processes are interesting for other industries? Might there even be latent ideas and stimuli for your own industry? Be inspired and exchange ideas directly with our engineers and experts. They are happy to assist you in the planning of your production, regardless of whether you want small batches, mass production, or custom-made products.

First test, then decide

Of course you will also find all surface finishes in our showroom: soft touch for that special feel, TRUSTSEAL® 3D PLASTX®, fine woven metal for a filigree metallic effect, holographic designs, and CAP-tivate Luxury for brilliant caps. Also discover how to turn your surfaces into smart designer objects with wafer-thin PolyTC® sensors. Do you have a special set-up in mind? We also offer live demonstrations entirely according to your preferences. Contact us!

New machines and tools tie up a lot of capital. Being able to put them through their paces in practice before investing, reassures project developers and manufacturers alike. You can test equipment, try out decors, and exchange ideas with KURZ experts. Our technology center boasts state-of-the-art equipment, allowing us to offer you the following processes in the KURZ portfolio: hot stampingInsert MoldingIMD decorationIME decorationIMD VARIOFORM®, and Functional Foil Bonding.

Take the customer’s perspective

As you know, you only have a fraction of a second to win over your customers. Put yourself in their shoes and feel it yourself. Experience the wow effect. Every single product has to sparkle, shine, or feel great - depending on the requirement. Take the time to run tests and discuss with KURZ experts.

Your advantages with our technology center at a glance:

  • Discuss at the same level. Our experts listen very carefully. In two-way conversation, all issues can be easily clarified

  • Inspiration. You get new inspiration for technologies and decoration options

  • Decision-making aid. You can test the new equipment or decoration under live conditions

  • Visibility. We get to know each other, even at an early stage of cooperation. This simplifies communication along the entire process

  • Understanding. Not everything can be realized one-to-one. Mutual understanding leads to a tailor-made solution

You want to know how surface refinement works and lend a hand yourself? You want to exchange ideas with our engineers and specialists? Then arrange an appointment with us. We look forward to seeing you!

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