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Conscious Concept - your path to a better carbon footprint

Sustainability is a key issue of our time. Resource conserving measures and responsible ideals not only shape the brand image, they will also be a strong sales argument in the future and help determine the success of a brand. The path to reaching the goal: Reducing the ecological footprint, but in a cost-efficient way. To help you benefit from CO2 savings in the long term, KURZ offers a modular tool: Conscious Concept.

The Conscious Concept toolbox contains scalable measures to help you reduce your CO2 emissions step by step. This is possible thanks to ultra-thin decorative coatings and the use of recycled material for both the PET carrier and for the components themselves. Each solution is customizable and tailored specifically to your specifications. In addition, the individual measures can be combined as desired. The recyclability of the components is maintained. Our experts actively support you in reducing your CO2 emissions.

PET Carriers

When PET carrier material with 80% rPET is used for transfer decoration carriers, the carbon footprint can be reduced by up to 40%, compared to using transfer carriers made of virgin material.

Ultra-thin layer decoration - minimal application, maximum effect

In-Mold Decoration (IMD) saves considerable amounts of material thanks to surface finishes that are just 8 - 15µm thick, thus reducing CO2 emissions by up to 70%. KURZ decorations contain up to 40% bio-based solvents and raw materials and are applied to plastic surfaces without water or emissions. The recyclability of the components is not impaired by the finishing.

Recycled materials in the component, up to 100%

Our customers have the opportunity to use recycled materials such as ocean plastic for their components to further reduce CO2 emissions. Depending on the specification, they can even use up to 100% recycled material. And the surface quality remains the same because all recycled plastic materials can be decorated to the same high standard as virgin material. We also develop decorations from bio-based and renewable raw materials with outstanding results.

Conscious Concept - using the example of a notebook

Thanks to ‘ultra-thin decorative coatings’ and the highly efficient IMD process, the CO2 balance of the KURZ decoration is outstanding: Only 0.1 - 0.4% of the notebook's total carbon footprint is attributable to finishing.


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Visibly sustainable with Eco-Design

Make your commitment to sustainability visible! We support you with surface designs that communicate the idea of recycling visually. Pleasant haptics, natural colors, elegant nude look with a terrazzo appearance and glitter effects - these are just a few examples of an individual eco-design that will make you stand out. Our experts will be happy to advise you on how to perfectly showcase your surfaces.

a significant step closer
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KURZ produces pure rPET from PET carrier residues. RECOSYS rPET is particularly suitable for technical textiles and packaging solutions and allows you to reduce your CO2 footprint even further.

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