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Digital inLINE FOILING® and Indirect Digital Decoration

Highlight for the health and cosmetics industry: pure magic through brilliant shine and deceptively real colors on plastic tubes

Individualized mass production - a contradiction in terms? Not for KURZ! Together with its subsidiary ISIMAT, here at KURZ we have combined two procedures to create a compelling sales pitch: magic on the sales floor. Using Digital inLINE FOILING® (DiF) printing technology, plastic tubes are brought to life with an exclusive metallic shimmer. Seamless, 360° metallization can now be achieved in a single machine run. You’d like your packaging to be even more personal and unique? Combine DiF with the advantages of Indirect Digital Decoration (IDD). Customized images with vibrant colors will transform your plastic tubes and other packaging into veritable works of art which knock your customers off their feet. Both procedures allow your creativity to roam freely. And the best bit: KURZ provides you with everything you need to bring your idea through to fruition. Our holistic approach gives you a cutting-edge market advantage. Because even small runs and limited editions can be produced quickly and cost-efficiently.


Farbige Kunststofftuben für Kosmetik
Blau-goldene Sonnencreme Tuben
5 farbige Kunststoffbehälter Kosmetik mit Oberfläche im DiF- und IDD-Druck

DiF - Overview of technical details for Digital inLINE FOILING®

The Digital inLINE FOILING® procedure gives your plastic tubes an exclusive metal appearance. The results look classy and sophisticated. Make your tubes glitter and gleam! Your products won’t fail to attract attention on the retail floor. Seamless, 360° metallization can now be achieved in a single machine run - without applying heat and with very little pressure. This means you can process plastic tubes safely and easily, even if they’re very fragile. Thanks to perfect color-to-color registration, no further product handling is required.


  • The DiF procedure operates via a transfer module in the central printing machine
  • The metallic foil is applied to the tube using the roll-on method
  • In contrast to classic inLINE FOILING® procedures, the glue is not applied directly to the tube via screen printing but is printed digitally onto a carrier foil. This enables seamless 360° metallization
  • The glue is dried using UV light. Afterwards, the silver mirror material detaches from the foil and is applied to the tube. It stays in position perfectly
  • Without applying heat and using very little pressure, you can achieve an exceptional metallic shimmer effect - in one extremely fast machine run
  • You can then use the IDD unit to apply your own choice of finish using up to eight different colors. This enables you to achieve dazzling metallic and color effects

IDD - Overview of technical details for Indirect Digital Decoration

The indirect digital printing solution developed by the KURZ subsidiary ISIMAT is a new trump card up your sleeve: it enables you to transfer your own choice of color image quickly, easily and with utmost precision. This allows brand manufacturers to reap double rewards: combining the advantages of mass production with those of individualized runs. The instant the metallization process is complete, packaging can be finished with bright, vibrant colors, and razor-sharp images - all in the same machine! And the options are endless - you can switch images in the middle of a large run or opt for a personalized small run or limited edition. Transform your beauty product tubes and packaging into ambassadors for your brand and quality! Win customers hearts with products that quickly adapt to the latest trends!


  • The IDD procedure operates via an external digital printing unit which is attached to the central printing machine
  • The IDD module consists of two units
  • The first unit transfers the image of your choice and the glue to the carrier foil
  • After this, the complete printed image is applied with utmost precision to the plastic tube via the transfer module (the second unit) in the central printing machine
  • An infinite number of color combinations can be achieved in a single printing step
  • The color finishing can begin as soon as the silver foil has been applied to the tubes

TH9 - the hybrid all-rounder

Introducing TH9 by KURZ subsidiary ISIMAT! This 9-color hybrid printing machine enables you to create unique designs for your plastic tubes and sleeves. Apply finishes to your packaging around the clock - the machine operates reliably 24/7Benefit from short set-up times and precise color-to-color registration thanks to motorization and servo control. Each of the nine printing locations can be used independently. Each location can be fitted with a screen printing unit, flexo printing unit, inLINE FOILING® unit, IDD transfer module, DiF module, or a UV coater.


The printing and decoration units can be combined as desired and arranged in any order. The TH9 allows you to cater fully to each and every detail of customer requirements. As an optional extra, you can include print inspection to control the quality of your images during production down to the very last pixel. The LED UV spotlight enables you to achieve a seamless print around the entire circumference, for images up to 200 mm in height. You can hardly see where the printed image begins or ends. Last but not least, Secure Hold mandrels compensate for any minor fluctuations in the tubes. When the tube slides on to the mandrel, drill holes on the front end create a cushion of air. As a result, the tube is clamped firmly in position during the machine run and the print can be applied evenly.


DiF + IDD = unique designs that will delight your customers

Names, serial numbers, special offers, limited editions - all of these are now possible thanks to Digital inLINE FOILING® (DiF) and Indirect Digital Decoration (IDD). Our hybrid machine can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated in your existing production line. This means you can organize your production to be efficient and cost-effective. How you benefit as a brand manufacturer: Your products are as individual as your customers. Because even small runs can be produced with very little effort.


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Infinite color options for metallization
  • No limits to creativity, even for small runs and limited editions
  • No time wasted, because the silver foil can be printed instantly
  • No extra effort, because the metallization and color finish processes are both completed quickly, in a single run
  • Cost-efficient solution, because small runs can be included in the middle of mass production

KURZ offers holistic solutions from a single source

We support you with solutions from the first idea through to the finished product. You can rely on a single contact to equip you for the challenges of the market. Even small runs and limited editions can be produced cost-efficiently to your individual requirements. We keep an eye on costs and efficiency - along the entire value chain.



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