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IMD VARIOFORM® - Let your new designs be even more ambitious - or crazy

The highlight of IMD VARIOFORM® is the production of components that are made even more extraordinary with three-dimensional shapes and elegant design. In principle, virtually anything is possible when decorating the plastic. In the same tool, a variety of single-image decors and endless designs can be applied. As a result, small series and individual pieces are economically feasible. To make desired design changes, only the IMD VARIOFORM® substrate with decorative coating must be changed in the machine. Here, KURZ offers a wide range of designs, optionally with integrable functions. The combination of design and functionality ensures that your plastic elements with 3D geometry not only look spectacular, but also have integrated functional qualities. You can seduce the eye with an exciting metallization or show off a trendy brushed look or a sophisticated aesthetic in open-pored wood, marble, carbon, concrete, and reflective real chrome. In terms of surface feel, too, many variants are possible. Since even touch sensors can be seamlessly connected to the plastic, the manufactured element can pick up and pass on functional commands by touch or by the user approaching. Partially and fully backlit control surfaces and designs are just as feasible as customized top coats, which protect surfaces and make them extremely durable.