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PolyTC®: the patented sensor technology from PolyIC

Bundled competence under the KURZ umbrella: PolyTC® sensors. Since it has been possible to operate smartphones by touch, touch screens have been conquering product worlds, especially in the electronics and automotive industries. The trend is increasingly moving away from mechanical keys and switches towards homogeneous, smooth, and intelligent surfaces backed by touch sensors. A unique product made by the KURZ subsidiary PolyIC are the capacitive PolyTC® sensors, which we at KURZ integrate according to various patented processes. They offer you excellent product properties such as high electrical conductivity and superb optical transparency. The PolyTC® sensor films are incredibly thin, flexible, and robust, making them ideal for seamless capacitive touchscreens and smart user interfaces.

But that’s not all: they also represent our performance and cost promise to our customers, as they can replace the commonly used Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) sensors. PolyTC® sensor films are produced in a fast roll-to-roll process and can be reliably delivered in high-volume print runs. The sensor film production comprises just one operation, during which the electronic components of the sensors are already integrated. As a result, you’ll get to enjoy higher performance, lower costs, and thus more efficiency than with conventional methods.

A quantum leap in intelligent product development

PolyTC® sensor films are real all-rounders. Form and function are bridged by combining a high-resolution metal structure (metal mesh) with the transparent polyester substrate PET. Due to the grid-like arrangement of the silver microstructure, the sensor foils are extremely conductive and at the same time have the greatest possible mechanical flexibility. The physical limitations of conventional circuit boards for key applications are a thing of the past. With PolyTC® you will take your product development into the future - and enjoy completely new degrees of freedom. Whether it's organically curved or bent 2D or 3D objects, cutting-edge modern design, or homogeneous dead-front surfaces, PolyTC® sensor films are versatile and easy to integrate into all plastic parts. Their robust character and high flexibility make them suitable for a wide variety of applications in coating and injection molding applications.

PolyTC® sensor technology: merging of design and technology

The new sensor technology creates completely new, futuristic design options that combine aesthetics and functionality. Many different display applications turn into hidden or optically luminescent control units through touch and gesture. Lighting effects play a major role.


A four-fold benefit for our customers

PolyTC® touch sensor technology offers you decisive advantages in terms of functionality, freedom of design, individuality, and efficiency. At KURZ, we support you with the full power of our innovative strength:

    Significant advantages of KURZ PolyTC® sensor films:

    • Capacitive sensor function

    • Flexible and transparent sensor film, multifunctional use

    • High optical translucency and color fastness for exclusive designs

    • Flexible, stable, and heat resistant, robust character

    • Ready-to-use sensors, tailored to customer requirements

    • Integrated tail for direct contact

    • High signal quality and sampling frequency through silver-metal mesh

    • Cost-efficient thanks to roll-to-roll production

    • Customer-specific application, easy to integrate

    As touch control specialists, we accompany you along the entire value chain. We see ourselves as the partner by your side for product design and product functionality. With our broad expertise, we can meet even your most unusual requests - give us a try!



    One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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