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Surface protection

The tailor-made suit for your surfaces

Weather, cleaning agents, touch, sunscreen, corrosion - surfaces have to withstand a lot. They are exposed to a variety of influences. That's why they need protection to be able to look and function the same as on the first day, even after many uses. HMI (Human-Machine Interface) solutions, i.e., surfaces equipped with intelligent sensor technology, such as fronts of smart household appliances, require a very sure nature. Because the topcoats must be designed so that they don’t interfere with the sensor functionality. KURZ knows what surfaces need. We produce topcoats for all segments: living areas, furniture, household electronics, consumer electronics, as well as the interior and exterior of automobiles. Depending on the requirements, our topcoats make colors shine in different gradations from high gloss to ultra matt. The design takes into account changing angles as well as different incidences of light and special resistance, for example, to cleaning agents or moisture.

Take resistance to a new level with high-performance protective coatings from KURZ

You spill hot coffee over your smart phone. After just one wipe, the display looks like new again. Your fridge cover with a highly functional sensor still works flawlessly and shines like new, even after cleaning it many times. With topcoats from KURZ, you can guarantee your customers that your products will retain their wow effect even after countless applications, and shine with high-performance protective lacquer coatings. As a special bonus, they meet the most demanding specifications and requirements in terms of their looks too. That’s because we also develop the lacquer formulations and colors. This allows you to rely on consistently high quality and availability - throughout the entire production process.

Surface protection - for inside and outside equally

Surfaces are sensitive. And so are your customers. They want to surround themselves with beautiful things. The first glance helps determine whether a product inspires them. High or low gloss, bright or matt colors, reflective or anti-reflective - the surface must be right. It's the perfect finish for your products, flawless and harmoniously matched in design. KURZ offers three different topcoat options for display applications that meet customer requirements in terms of functionality, gloss level, and reflective properties. The high-gloss surface coating KURZ BRIGHT VIEW is used when particularly luminous and high-contrast colors are desired. KURZ COMFORT VIEW creates a matt sheen for glare- and low-reflection surfaces, yet with high-contrast colors. KURZ EASY EYE is particularly pleasant to the eye and suitable for making displays anti-reflective. Depending on the application, the topcoats are also exceptionally resistant if required.


KURZ topcoat options at a glance:

High abrasion resistance

Chemical resistance

Sun cream resistance
Very transparent  
Easy to clean 
High color contrast even in the sun  
Good color contrast even in the sun  

Trendy and functional - topcoats from KURZ are all rounders

KURZ sets special emphasis with its topcoats. In addition to the intelligent functions, KURZ surfaces get a functional coating that can be completely adapted to the customer's specifications. To ensure that color and function are perfect down to the last detail, KURZ developers and designers take care of everything: they develop the coatings and the colors according to your wishes. Make your brand stand out with topcoats from KURZ!

Key benefits of KURZ topcoats:

  • Top performance, independent of external influences. For this we develop a protection that meets your specifications, even for the most demanding applications

  • A coating for every requirement: Abrasion resistance for everyday products, durability for designer pieces, chemical resistance for hygienic requirements, gloss level and reflective properties for display applications

  • Resistance to external influences such as wind, weather, sun, rain, exhaust gases, etc.

  • Durability in demanding interiors such as living and dining areas, and in heavy-duty products such as home appliances and consumer electronics

  • Formulations and colors developed in-house so that the topcoats also meet the highest visual demands

  • Can be combined with different designs and effects, such as marble, carbon, chrome, leather, brushed metal, etc.

We are your partner along the entire value chain - from the development of specifications through the design of the coating to the final product. We pay attention to efficient processes as well as to environmentally friendly production. We achieve even the most complex requirements - just contact us!


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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