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IMD with HMI

for HMI applications up to 1,000 mm 

At the Sumitomo (SHI) Demag K trade fair stand, visitors had the opportunity to experience for the first time how single-frame decorations with a side length of up to 1,000 millimeters can for the first time be transferred to plastic surfaces using IMD technology. This extraordinary size gives an idea of the range of decors available with the current KURZ IMD technology. Even in this size, you can impress customers with integrated touch sensors with attractive backlighting in the plastic. This feature makes the process an ideal solution for innovative interior design which turns your products into seamless HMI elements.

  • Organically shaped surfaces
  • Seamless control panels until lit
  • Ambient lighting
  • Active touch control
  • Capacitive sensor technology
  • Homogenously closed surfaces
  • Design competence by KURZ

PolyTC® touch sensor

  • 3 buttons & 1 slider
  • Transparent for symbols
  • Silver (Ag) metal mesh
  • Integrated by FFB

PolyTC® 8“ multi touch sensor

  • Single layer multi touch
  • Side buttons inluded
  • Silver (Ag) metal mesh or ITO
  • Integration by IML or lamination