Protecting originals made easy

Fürth/Germany, September 13, 2018: They look totally inconspicuous: barcodes printed by TTR (thermal transfer printing) in the usual black, on machine, automotive and replacement parts, on chemicals and building materials, on printed circuit boards and pharmaceutical packaging. But these barcodes might have secret inner workings. Because now they can be equipped with hidden, machine-readable authenticity features. By scanning these codes with a special reader, the authenticity of the labeled product can be verified unequivocally.

TTR Unique Verospec is the name of these thermal transfer ribbons with integrated, invisible counterfeit protection, developed by the coatings manufacturer LEONHARD KURZ. “We searched for an uncomplicated solution that can be integrated at little cost into existing manufacturing and labeling processes and is suitable for a wide variety of industries,” explains Bernhard Schmitt, product manager for thermal transfer solutions. “TTR Unique Verospec provides not only a secure, but also an easy means of revealing counterfeit products. That nobody other than our client can know about the labeling is an additional protection for the originals”.


Unique marking

TTR Unique Verospec contains special coatings combined in a customized way and is therefore as unmistakable as a fingerprint. These unique characteristics are stored in the analysis software of the reader, and the authenticity of the product is confirmed only if an exact match is obtained. The authenticity of the goods can be checked at every station of the supply chain by sampling them. Depending on the customer order, different variants of TTR Unique Verospec can be used for various production or delivery units, or product variants.


Certified for security production

 Reliable counterfeit protection products require a security certification. KURZ, as an experienced producer of optical security features, can also certify a closed security environment for TTR Unique Verospec. It can guarantee that the customized TTR Unique Verospec color ribbon has been produced in a secure facility, and directly and solely delivered to the required destination. KURZ will be presenting TTR Unique Verospec for the first time at Fachpack 2018 from September 25–27 in Nuremberg. Visitors to the trade fair can obtain detailed information at booth 7A-148 in Hall 7A. 

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