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sustainable surface design

Sustainability for our common future

We want to help people and the environment. As a global player, we have a responsibility to give our children and grandchildren a better world. Our guiding principle: Design for Recycling. We research products and processes to make a holistic recycling cycle a reality. Our focus is your advantage: you’ll get to enjoy infinite freedom of design and cost-efficiency. Together with our customers, we develop plastic decorations that do not affect the recyclability of the products. And to top it off, even recyclates can be finished with the same high quality and creativity as new materials - you won’t notice a difference. Increase your sustainability competence with KURZ!

Create desire with sustainable design

Which argument impresses customers the most today apart from innovative ideas? Sustainability. We can help you offer your customers both, without compromise. Together, we pursue one goal: unrestricted recyclability along the entire value chain. We already think about how we can protect people, nature and the environment during the creative process. In doing so, we always keep an eye on the efficiency of your value chain. Specifically, this means that:

  • We use as much renewable energy as possible. In Germany, that’s 100% successful. We partly generate the energy with our own photovoltaic systems.

  • With the innovative decoration methods from KURZ you can improve your carbon footprint by up to 95 percent. We use dry chrome plating instead of electroplating, for example

  • Our decorations are thinner than a hair and make plastic components more durable.

Expand your sustainability competence with KURZ and increase your customers’ loyalty to your brand.

Assume responsibility through sustainable processes

Our sustainability innovations give you a competitive edge. This is what we focus on throughout our entire value chain: robust finishing of your products, component recyclability, saving resources, and improving your eco-balance. At all our production sites, we have introduced uniform environmental standards that even go beyond legal requirements. We fulfill standards such as REACH as well as quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001, energy management according to DIN ISO 50001, and environmental management according to DIN ISO 14001. See for yourself!

Produce efficiently with the right machines

Efficient and custom solutions are the top priority when selecting machines. We configure our machines specifically for your applications. As part of our complete solution approach, we make sure that machine, process, and material form a perfect unit. This lets you achieve perfect finishes even on 100% recycled materials - much to the delight of your customers. Our surfaces are recyclable, even when working with PolyTC® sensors for seamless capacitive touchscreens and smart user interfaces. Your advantage with KURZ: optimized processes, reliable machines, efficient results.

Your advantages with KURZ lifecycle thinking - at a glance:

  • We already think about recyclability during the product development stage and are committed to the corresponding standards: Design for Recycling

  • All surface finishes from KURZ enhance your recycled material without affecting the products’ recyclability

  • You save plastic by using recyclates

  • With our processes, components made from recycled materials look like new after they’ve been decorated

  • We dispense with environmentally harmful processes and chemically hazardous substances

  • Our environmental standards for the protection of humans and nature boost your environmental competence

  • We constantly develop our machines and processes in the spirit of Design for Recycling

  • We use renewable energy

  • You save energy with our efficient machines

  • We only work with certified suppliers

  • We can trace all the ingredients of our decorations

  • You have one contact person for the entire value chain, worldwide

  • They improve your carbon footprint as we produce around the world, eliminating transport routes between different suppliers and processors

  • You can count on the reliability of our machines

Design for Recycling - that's the goal we pursue together with our customers. We stand by our responsibility to people and the environment. We would like to support you in further developing your sustainability expertise along the entire value chain. Let’s talk!


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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