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Keep an eye to your value chain

Your way towards a sustainable closed-loop economy

Today, it is estimated that over 80% of all environmental impacts that occur during production are already decided in the design process. We at LEONHARD KURZ also know: Sustainability begins during product development. Recycling rates can only be increased and recyclable material cycles developed if environmental impacts and recyclability are taken into account from the outset. We contribute to this with our guiding principle Design for Recycling. To this end, we research products and processes to make a holistic recycling cycle a reality. Our goal is your advantage: You’ll get to enjoy infinite freedom of design and cost-efficiency.

Tailored solutions for more sustainable plastic products

We help you set yourself apart through sustainability innovations. Would you like to use recycled material in your products in the future? With our internal development, we can work for you on substrates made of recycled plastic, on injection molded components made of recycled material or on decorations for composite materials. We develop the right finishing for your material.

As an industry-wide specialist for surface decoration, we support you on your way to a sustainable product with a complete package of expert advice, environmentally conscious design concepts and efficient machines and processes. We would be happy to support you in further expanding your sustainability expertise along the entire value chain.

Recyclability of KURZ transfer decorations

The number of plastic products with recycled content on the market is increasing. Your benefits when choosing KURZ: All our surface finishings enhance recycled material without impacting the recyclability of your products. Recycled materials can be decorated in the same aesthetic and versatile way as new materials. We have proven this in our own recycling study of a door trim strip with IMD decoration as well as with an IML decoration plus PolyTC® sensor:

  • Compared to a component made of new materials, the mechanical properties remain almost identical with a recycled mixture of 10 or 25%
  • Rejects and production waste can be added to the production process without further problems
  • Decorated components with recycled content have flawless visual quality, gloss, and surface finish


If you would like to know more about the study, read more here

Recyclability of perishables

An independent institute has certified that plastic packaging with KURZ finishing is flawlessly recyclable. With a KURZ transfer decoration, these products remain 100% recyclable with up to 65% surface coverage. The technical review proves the interference-free sorting, a return to sorting systems, and compliance with the relevant standard. Packaging with a KURZ decoration is recognized as recyclable. The waste collection at the place of use depends on the respective market and country.

Impress with desirable eco-design

Sustainability may be visible. KURZ decorations give your products a long-lasting upgrade. At the same time, our transfer finishes enhance ecologically advantageous materials in terms of appearance and feel. To this end, we offer you individual design variants to make your commitment to recycling visible.

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