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KURZ BIOFENSE® - Long-term hygiene protection with almost unrestricted design freedom

There are bacteria on every surface. Especially on those that are often touched. Solutions that sustainably contribute to hygiene are needed here. KURZ has the answer for you: KURZ BIOFENSE®. Using it means that bacteria don’t stand a chance on plastic surfaces - long term! This hygienic protection is suitable for all plastic surfaces, from laptops and light switches to automotive interior design. KURZ BIOFENSE® is extremely robust and resistant. It does not wear out even with frequent contact and is even resistant to cleaning agents. The independent Fraunhofer Institute confirms the effectiveness of KURZ BIOFENSE® in accordance with ISO 22196 for IMD decoration, the independent SQTS Institute for hot stamping application. With these decorations, KURZ has succeeded in integrating antibacterial surface capability easily and efficiently into the production process using only minimal materials.

The advantages of KURZ BIOFENSE® at a glance:

  • Made with efficient IMD technology
  • Also suitable for efficient hot stamping process
  • Long-term antibacterial effect on plastic surfaces
  • Absolutely harmless to health
  • KURZ BIOFENSE® is transparent and can be combined with creative designs
  • It is suitable for high-gloss surfaces
  • Day-and-night design or backlighting are possible, to achieve special design effects
  • Can be used for HMI surfaces and displays

Hygienic design freedom

The fantastic thing about this solution: You get to enjoy almost unrestricted design freedom. Whether high-gloss, Shy Tech design, backlighting, or special graphic requirements: IMD BIOFENSE allows a wide variety of creative paths. This is because its bacteria protection integrates invisibly into the surface design. Even the functions of capacitive sensor fields or antennas remain unimpaired. The product is applied using cost-effective In-Mold Decoration (IMD), whereby the component is manufactured and decorated in a single work step. For two-dimensional surfaces, hot stamping is an efficient solution. KURZ BIOFENSE® is harmless to health. This creates an impressive symbiosis of hygienic finish, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

Protection for a wide range of living areas

This protective layer ensures that a microbial biofilm forms. Owing to its deposit effect, this action lasts for a long time. KURZ BIOFENSE® is suitable for almost all areas of life. This innovation is particularly useful for products that are frequently touched, such as mobile devices, light switches, but also cosmetics jars or interior fittings in cars.

Rely on antibacterial surfaces

Design freedom for your surfaces: Smart home, mobile devices, or kitchen surfaces - with KURZ BIOFENSE® you’re on the safe side.  Contact us!


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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