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Surface Decoration DiF and IDD

Wow with your product design: Tubes that leave you breathless

In the beauty aisle, the notorious millisecond decides whether your tube will win the race for customer attention. Tubes are all-rounders, far more than mere packaging for beauty products and pharmaceutical products. They’re multitalented. Compact sized, flexible, highly design-friendly, perfect brand ambassadors. Move into the pole position on the shop floor with breathtaking tubes! Together with our subsidiary ISIMAT, we at KURZ have succeeded in combining two processes which will make your seamlessly printed tubes outshine the competition.

In the first step, Digital inLINE FOILING (DiF) technology brings the tube to life with an exclusive metallic shimmer. The second step is Indirect Digital Decoration (IDD). This adds exquisite finishing touches to your work of art: vibrant colors and individually chosen images imbue your tubes with mesmerizing intensity that customers won’t be able to resist. And the best bit: you benefit from all the advantages of mass production - but for your own customized solutions! Limited editions, personalized offers, special advertising campaigns - all are now viable options. Fast, straightforward, and very affordable. Talk to us at KURZ! We’ll equip you to meet the challenges of the market.

DiF - Digital inLINE FOILING for perfect metallization

Beauty product tubes that shine brighter than their peers on the shop floor. Maybe they’re yours! Add glamor to your flexible packaging in one single, fast machine run - without applying heat and using very little pressure. Simply insert a transfer module into your central printing machine. The seamless 360° metallization process works by printing the glue directly onto the carrier foil and drying it with UV light. Afterwards, the silver mirror material detaches and is applied to the tube. Where it stays in position perfectly. And to top it off, once you’ve completed a full metallization run you can then use IDD to add your own customized finish in up to eight different colors. This means you can exploit the advantages of mass production, and at the same time create unique tubes for discerning customers!

IDD Indirect Digital Decoration - printing tubes with up to eight colors

As soon as your tubes have been seamlessly metallized, you can add the finishing touch with your own choice of image and vibrant colors. In a single printing process, your marketing message is printed on your packaging in the color(s) of your choice. And the quality is second to none. All you need for this last step is to attach an Indirect Digital Decoration module to your central printing machine. The first unit transfers the image and glue to the carrier foil. The second unit then applies it to the tube with utmost precision. Done! You can produce special decorative editions quickly and efficiently, and regularly adjust your designs to the latest trends and customer preferences.

DiF and IDD: an unbeatable team with unbeatable advantages

Tubes with signs of the zodiac, birthday specials, names, serial numbers.... what do you fancy? Combined, Digital inLINE FOILING (DiF) and Indirect Digital Decoration (IDD) technology open the door to a world of infinite creativity and individualization. Allow your design ideas to run wild! Because now you can produce even very small runs on a small budget. Build on the experience and expertise of KURZ and our subsidiary ISIMAT. With our support, you can create tubes that will delight your customers. And save money and materials into the bargain. 

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Simple solution: DiF and IDD can be implemented on a single machine. All you have to do is add an IDD module to a central ISIMAT packaging decoration printing machine which has been fitted with DiF
  • No wait: As soon as the metallization process is done, you can begin with the color finish
  • Endless colors: Add up to eight different colors
  • New, captivating designs: Even for small runs and limited editions
  • No extra effort: Because the metallization and color finish processes are both completed quickly, in a single run
  • Cost efficient solution: Because you can implement your color finish even in mass production

KURZ - your partner for holistic solutions

One contact - endless options. That’s what we offer. We’re your partner along the entire value chain. Throughout, we pay equal attention to sustainability on the one hand and optimized production and costs on the other. Our background of cross-sectoral experience enables us to consistently find the best solutions. Build on our expertise and win the battle for customer attention.


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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