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Surface decoration tools, garden tools and luminaires

KURZ turns LEDs, general tools, and garden tools into design marvels

With KURZ plastic decoration, your general tools and garden tools will soon have some real fans. Because your products become a brand, and you can breathe life into them in just one operation. After all, customers buy emotions and experiences, no matter whether it’s tools and equipment for professional use or for home improvements. You want to provide suitable lighting too? Plastic lights are perfect for presenting homes and patios in the right light. Economical, environmentally friendly, and with limitless creative ideas. Here, too, various designs provide a cozy atmosphere to suit your personal preferences.

KURZ = Efficiency + Creativity

KURZ is all about creativity. The plastic surrounds of LED spotlights, LED ceiling lights, LED lamps, and LED screens, for example, can be decorated using the hot stamping method. Let your design ideas run wild! Trends like marble or wood finishes are just as easy to implement as holographic effects, two-tone designs, or partial refining. Our design experts can also develop custom modern decors, textures, colors, and effects for you. Have you ever considered partial backlighting of plastic surrounds and surfaces? Or additional lighting accents in different colors? This opens up completely new design worlds.

LED decoration: Sustainable through and through

For LED spotlights, KURZ relies on plastic instead of metal. This is not only a more sustainable choice, but compared to metal, plastic production generates fewer pollutants. Shorter production and delivery times have a positive effect on your budget. That’s because you save several work steps and can implement even complex geometries in one step. The decoration process is directly integrated into the production of LED spotlights. And there’s another reason why you should choose plastic decorations from KURZ: aluminum is three times as heavy as plastic. With our film laminating process, you can realize deceptively real metallic effects. Your products will be lighter, and your transport and freight costs will decrease - just like CO2 emissions during transport.

KURZ makes homes and gardens exciting

Lawnmower surfaces match garden furniture covers. Vacuum cleaners transform from simple household appliances into a visual highlight. Lamps are so harmoniously integrated into their surroundings that only the atmospheric light is perceived, but not the origin. Using state-of-the-art and sustainable processes, professional, household and garden tools can be turned into veritable jewels. Exhilarate your customers with new ideas and inspire them to come up with novel concepts and developments. Become a source of inspiration and a trendsetter for your customers. With us by your side!


Efficient solutions + our support is always there for you

Two-dimensional, three-dimensional, modern, innovative, fast, efficient, sustainable, cost-effective: we’ll help you optimize your processes! That's why our company offers you dedicated contact persons who, if you wish, can look after you along the entire value chain and also maintain your systems. Our team is always by your side - for both our standard solutions and your individual requirements. .


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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