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Have a look into the future of surface decoration.

KURZ shows the newest developments: serial individualisation with IMD DECOPUR, tomorrow's automotive interior and exterior design solutions, antibacterial surfaces, RECOPOUND® recycling pellets  and many more!

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Surface decoration smart home & household appliance

Pioneer for functional and decorative home appliances

What do millennials expect when they are interested in buying their own oven, fridge, or washing machine? What do future generations of appliances need to be able to achieve in the home in order to reach customers who no longer see their purchase as a necessity, but rather as a desire? The change in planning and shaping the private world is in full swing. Smart home, artificial intelligence, robotics, minimalism, and customization are in vogue. Beautiful, economical technology and intelligent, intuitively controlled applications are sought-after. KURZ lets you experience what’s possible thanks to extremely thin film technology, premium finishing, new materials, and integrated sensor technology: in terms of design, functions, and the innovative combination of both worlds. We pave the way for even greater ease-of-use with unique aesthetic and functional options. With us, new generations of products become fully-fledged design elements and even more striking brand ambassadors. They become more individual, but at the same time more robust, hard-wearing, and durable. And as a manufacturer, you can profit from a continually optimized value chain.

Household appliances are reaching new dimensions

User thinking and experience are becoming the benchmark for home appliances of tomorrow. They should ‘proactively think ahead’, offer added value, and visually and functionally fit even more discreetly into the user’s sphere of life. If desired, the control panels of the oven and dishwasher become invisible. Classic home appliances can turn into eye-catching designer objects. And if a particular aesthetic standard is met, even a fridge can make for a trendy highlight in the living room. On the surfaces, front panels, and control panels of home appliances exciting highlights can be set with lighting, backlighting, mirroring, and variable light effects: for example, when striking color and light schemes appear on the innovatively backlit front of the exclusive designer refrigerator; or neon signage provides information about the contents of the appliance. There are also: an unusual feel, highly capacitive device controls, and seamless device displays without keys and switches for improved safety, cleaning, and hygiene.

Smarter living: KURZ again at the forefront

With virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, the journey into new dimensions of life has just begun. Once speed has been increased, the trip will continue rapidly. In the smart homes of today and tomorrow, there’s a need for anything that makes living even more intelligent, intuitive, comfortable, and safe: from wireless, ultimately non-contact, control of light, heating and garage door, to programming and automatic operation of household appliances, door locks, blinds or awnings. As a supplier designing and developing new smart home solutions, you can rely on the aesthetic and technical expertise of KURZ in the integrated user interfaces and control elements. We advise your designers and developers in advance so that highly functional and visually sophisticated control panels, control surfaces, and displays for touch and gesture control emerge. Under attractively designed surfaces, high-performance sensors are arranged, which take over functions tailored to your wishes. In the inactive state, such control surfaces unobtrusively recede. When someone approaches or taps on them, they get ready for a wide variety of applications. And all of this can be effectively staged with light, color, and other aesthetic accents in the plastic surfaces.

Form and function inseparably united

Gone are the days when built-in cookers and vacuum cleaners were controlled by keys and buttons. KURZ replaces them with innovative surfaces, in which design, function, and sensor technology merge into a symbiotic unit. We help you give your home appliances even more beautiful, emotional, and intuitive decors. At the same time, you have the opportunity to reinvent functions and design device controls even more reactively and interactively. The design expertise of KURZ can be drawn on to create decors that are tailored to product series, right up to decor combinations for entire product lines. The key to high-performance functionality lies in the PolyTC® sensor films developed by PolyIC. In contrast to Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) films, they boast high-resolution metal structures on polyester substrates. This material combination is called metal mesh. It provides more elasticity with extreme conductivity, which allows the integrated sensors to deform better. Surfaces can be adapted even more flexibly to curved and three-dimensional device shapes: without loss of conductivity, and with a plastic thickness of 2.5 cm or greater.

Touch displays and gesture control: indispensable today!

High-performance sensor technology gives product designers maximum creative freedom. This makes it possible to design homogeneous surfaces for large and small household appliances. All integrated switching and control elements are interwoven to form a perfect unit and can be activated with a touch and gesture function. Customers expect the same comfort they are used to from their smartphones. KURZ is optimally prepared for this mega trend and has production-ready answers, for example, for new XXL-size household appliance screens:

  • This creates an exclusive look with freely assignable buttons and controls. Home appliances can be customized in even more demanding ways - premium models, for example, feature more program options in the control panel than standard appliances

  • This makes it possible to implement tailor-made touch accuracy for every application

  • Production is possible even in small quantities with maximum customizability via specific sensor programming

  • The Functional Foil Bonding (FFB) process integrates the touch sensors into the finished plastic carriers fully automatically, quickly, and easily.

All finishing techniques from a single source

The entire range of manufacturing processes developed by KURZ can be seamlessly integrated into your existing production lines. Regardless of the location of your production or final assembly, our know-how is at your disposal: for increased efficiency, lower costs, more sustainability, and leaner value chains.


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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