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Haptic surface design

Have a feel! Deceptively real haptic effects for plastic surfaces

A product’s feel becomes the decisive factor at the point of sale. It’s not just about seeing, but about feeling too. The increasing complexity of products also increases user expectations in terms of product feel beyond measure. A pleasant feel is part of a great user experience. Nothing drives us more than your sales success. That's why we are constantly researching new and ever-better experiences for your customers. As a cross-industry solution provider, we bring together know-how from a wide range of industries and technologies. We offer a unique variety of aesthetics and functionality with globally consistent quality standards. Your products tell your story and with the KURZ feel, they’re set to become premium products.

Brands are tangible - haptic effects by KURZ

Neuromarketing research has confirmed: the decision on whether a product is purchased or not comes down to a positive feeling. Put yourself in the position of your customer who wants to buy an expensive car or a high-quality refrigerator with individually designed surfaces. The look has already won them over - their eyes light up. Then they run their fingers gently over the cockpit or the fridge door - and are thrilled how pleasant the surface feels. KURZ helps you impress your customers with the right feel too,and thus secure your brand individual advantages. Especially in areas with strong competition, an authentic touch and feel can decide the purchase. Make it easier for your customers to make a choice by making your products a sensory highlight.

Surprising results with innovative methods

We are your scout for new trends and innovative technologies. The result: always new touch effects with extraordinary accents and economic solutions, such as the IMD VARIOFORM® process, which unites the four production steps of decorating, forming, injection molding, and punching in a single operation. With Functional Foil Bonding (FFB), you not only surprise your customers with haptics, but also with the enormous functionality of components that, on request, only become evident through touch or gesture (dead-front design). Or combine atmospheric light and intriguing soft-touch effects to sensual surface designs with our PMD (Print Mold Design) technology. Your customers will love it.

Also for small series and special sizes

Fancy something special? With KURZ you can easily and efficiently build a prototype for your customers every once in a while to convince them of your skills and creativity. Because we’ve developed a new technology: IPD-skin®. This means that low-volume quantities, one-offs, or prototypes with a variety of tactile surfaces and pronounced structures become economical. Even large or three-dimensional parts and undercuts can be decorated in an almost infinite number of ways and made unique by the special surface grip. Only one tool is required to implement the special requests of your customers. Let your creativity run wild and design your surfaces as you please.

Spectacular surface effects for fiber-reinforced plastics

Decorating composite materials in lightweight construction is a special challenge. KURZ has mastered it. We are giving you competitive advantages in the automotive industry and in the consumer electronics segment. Efficiency is also our benchmark here: together with our partners, we realize trendy design effects with matte or slightly textured surfaces, such as transparent soft-touch, which emphasizes the carbon look, or wood effects. We are working at full speed on the production maturity of our IMD coating in various designs. It will meet customer specifications and adhere firmly to the materials of the component. As a result, you can save up to 60% on costs with this decoration process.

Delight customers with the right touch and feel too

Give your products that certain something. Feeling completely natural, the soft-touch surfaces are sure to surprise: grippy, velvety, smooth, brushed, metallic, warm - suitable for the product and for anything from large series to small series or custom-made products. We’ll find the best solution for you. If you wish, we’ll gladly support you from start to finish. Our know-how and our expertise will quickly become yours.


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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