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Plastic decorations

Plastic decoration by KURZ: Smart, creative, award-winning

Want to bet that you’ve already touched or held something today that has a surface coated with a solution from KURZ? Your smart phone or notebook, the gear shift in your car, the control panel of your washing machine or refrigerator - we have developed solutions for numerous applications in many industries. This saves you valuable raw materials and also offers solutions that sometimes go far beyond the potential of the original materials. For example, you can use wafer-thin surface decorations in a deceptively real wood look or delight users with our latest designs. With touch control, backlighting, and a sensational feel, you can generate a ‘want-it’ effect in your customers - all with a single ultra-thin coating.

Smart home, Smart car, Smart surface

The Human-Machine Interface, the boundary between man and machine, is becoming more and more important in all areas of life. With advancing technical possibilities, the demands of users on smart products and applications are also increasing. KURZ contributes to resolving this with its solutions. We are innovation drivers in many industries and win prestigious awards, such as the Automotive Brand Contest for Cloudy Feathers, an interactive backlit trim. Our combinations of design and function lead to impressive results, always with an eye on the needs of our customers. We continue to develop our processes in dialog with experts from all over the world. We also tailor our applications to your value chain, from small batches to mass production, and from simple shapes to the most complex geometries. You can count on support from KURZ, from the first concept to the finished product.