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Visionary Design

Visionary Design: It all starts with WHY.

Because it’s the attitude that counts

To really create something NEW, you need a clearly defined WHY - a distinct attitude, as a compass for new ideas, highly innovative approaches, and visionary designs. That's why we've initiated Visionary Design, an in-house source of inspiration for thought-leaders, thinkers, and visionaries - with the goal of creating and offering new and creative impulses in the world of surface design. In a creative environment, we initiate conversations and offer enthralling ideas that the world has not yet seen. Rely on our Visionary Design team to continuously develop your business. You’ll never run out of inspiration!

Visionary V - Expect the Unexpected

Visionary V is the gateway to new designs that are revolutionizing the world of plastic surfaces. Become part of our visionary design community! Get to know our team as well as other designers and industries. Your benefit: innovative impulses, inspiration for your own designs, a very exclusive network. Let’s shape the future together!

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Visionary Space.

Visionary designs for the automobility of the future

At our German headquarters in Fürth, we present visionary design approaches for automotive exterior front panels of the future - impressively staged in our avant-garde Visionary Space.

Experience how organic materials connect TODAY with TOMORROW.

See the impact of Colorful Connected Communication for yourself: The backlighting of multi-colored surfaces with holographic elements, for all road users to visualize vehicle activities like braking or the battery charging process.

Be surprised by the paradox of the depth effect of smooth surfaces.

See live how a metallic, homogeneous surface comes to life: The environment becomes a design effect.

Visionary Concept

ABC Award 2020 for an automotive exterior front panel

Our visions not only impress our customers but also renowned awards jury members, both in Germany and abroad. Browse our award-winning designs!

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