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Visionary Design

Visionary Design: It all starts with WHY.

Because it’s the attitude that counts.

To really create something NEW, you need a clearly defined WHY - a distinct attitude as a compass for new ideas, highly innovative approaches, and ultimately visionary designs. That's why we've initiated visionary design, an in-house source of inspiration for thought-leaders, thinkers, and visionaries - with the goal of creating, and offering creative new impulses in the world of surface design.

Gold & Concrete.

Precious metal and gray gold.

Our first special theme, Gold & Concrete, presents unprecedented surface design and plays with the concept of value. Elegant gold finds its counterpart in pure concrete. Genuine material reinvented: the two materials combine to give something completely new in a unique surface blend. The special theme Gold & Concrete creates a delicate balance that makes a clear statement: valuable is whatever you consider valuable. Find individual inspiration and explore unique samples. In a creative environment, we create exchanges and offer enthralling ideas.

Compact Visionary Design:

  • A source of trend inspiration
  • Sensational samples to touch
  • Exchanges with our design experts
  • Revolutionary surface designs

Visionary Space.

Visionary designs for the automobility of the future

At our headquarters in Fürth, we present visionary design approaches for the automotive exterior front panels of the future –impressively staged in our avant-garde Visionary Space.

Experience how organic materials connect TODAY with TOMORROW.

See the impact of Colorful Connected Communication for yourself: the backlighting of multi-colored surfaces with holographic elements for visualizing vehicle activities like the braking or battery charging process for all road users.

Be surprised by the paradox of the depth effect on flat surfaces.

See live how a metallic, homogeneous surface comes to life: the environment becomes a design effect.

Showroom Gold & Concrete.

Discover our first focus topic Gold & Concrete. Experience with all senses how precious gold and pure concrete combine to create something completely new in a unique surface liaison. First impressions of our Gold & Concrete exhibition in our video:

Visit us at the KURZ headquarters in Fürth and take a look at surface design of the future with our Visionary Designers.

KURZ Visionary Design Doortim Gold Concrete
KURZ Visionary Design Gold Closeup
KURZ Visionary Design Gold & Concrete surfaces
KURZ Visionary Design Doortrim Gold Close-Up
KURZ Visionary Design Concrete Close-Up
KURZ Visionary Design pendant Gold
KURZ Visionary Design live presentation
KURZ Visionary Design live exhibition


Visit us at the KURZ headquarters in Fürth and experience unique sample pieces hands-on!


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