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Insert Molding Decoration

Ideal for plastic parts with complex geometries

Solid and seamlessly assembled plastic components with strongly shaped geometries are in demand, above all in the automotive industry. In order to produce such a component from high-quality plastic in sophisticated shapes and with the corresponding surface decoration, several production phases have traditionally been necessary.

The Insert Molding process from LEONHARD KURZ gives you the opportunity to bundle all thestepsincluding hot stamping, vacuum forming or compressed air forming, casting and high-precision cutting in a particularly efficient way. Quality raw materials can be used to produce plastic parts in a small number of closely networked machine stations, which can also allow profiles, bulges, indentations, undercuts, and edge folds - topped with a distinctive look.

Insert Molding – technical details at a glance

As demanding and multifaceted is the end shape of the produced plastic parts, the production process offered by KURZ is compact and highly efficient.

  • In the production cell, vacuum forming or compressed air forming and cutting of the individual component sheets takes place. The deformation temperature can be precisely metered for the respective raw material. The produced plastic part receives its preform and design. Then the still connected individual components on the belt are precisely separated

  • After cooling, high-precision punching takes place at another machine station. Here, openings and windows in the component can be removed in the same processing step. Such cutouts are needed to allow the addition of controls or a contrasting design at a later stage

  • The preformed and punched inserts continue on to the third finishing station for the final injection molding

  • This takes place in the closed machine chamber with reinforcing and stabilizing plastic. The results are decorated and precision-punched plastic components in their final shape, that can be easily integrated into end products    

Focused on maximum flexibility

The compact manufacturing process described here gives you a great deal of freedom in the three-dimensional shaping of your inserts. You can also get a strong and sturdy profile with injection molding. To a certain extent, undercuts on the edge of the component are just as possible as edge folds that do not exceed a defined limit radius. As a manufacturer, you can design convex and concave curvatures on the final product as well as harmoniously curved, concisely contoured surfaces. 

Shapes and curves make your products more interesting for customers

The KURZ Insert Molding process can create organically curved and futuristic plastic fronts for driver's consoles and car interiors. As a furniture producer in the premium segment, you can conceive strongly profiled plastic parts that will make your assembly even more unique. The application field is wide and focused on high-quality and sophisticated products: curved enclosures for premium consumer electronics are as realizable as elegantly curved, transparent, and sophisticated shapes for novel designer lamps. Of course, many different surface finish variants can be realized. In medium to high degrees of deformation. With decorative surfaces that can also be given an attractive feel upon request. With metallization or in a coherent dead-front design. For new color and structural finish options. Especially with integrated, exciting backlighting effects. 

Our advice is the prelude to effortless production processes

Sophisticated and high-quality manufactured plastic parts require a specialized production line. We are here to assist you in designing and configuring your machine environment for insert manufacturing. In the first step, we offer you professional advice and thus lay the foundation for everything else. Upon request, we can include the necessary production-related extension, quality raw materials, decor, and finishing. In addition, we provide a reliable after-sales services. After all, conveyor belts should always run in perfect time and achieve top-notch production results. As ourtechnical solution takes all aspects into account, you can increase productivity and efficiency. You have the opportunity to produce more profitably and to sustainably optimize the value.


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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