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Plastic surface finishing

From the initial idea to long-term service, it's all about your benefits

Consistent development of technologies for plastic decoration and finishing has made us what we are today. LEONHARD KURZ is the world market leader in the field of thin-film technology and thus a leading company for plastic finishing and decoration internationally. Everything we think, develop, and do in the field of plastic decoration is ultimately focused on one thing: we refine, combine, and bundle established and effective decoration processes in such a way that you can produce even more beautiful and functional plastic parts and components. Fascinating surface aesthetics and a wealth of integrated functions embedded in plastic components are only one side of the coin. Almost more important to us are the quantum leaps you will make towards fast, comfortable, and economical production. We consider this goal the essence of our ongoing commitment to technology. And this aspiration runs like a thread through all the production concepts KURZ offers you today, and in the future.

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Involve the best minds with specialized knowledge

Technological collaboration is key in the diversified KURZ group in order to constantly get new, refined processes patented and bring them to series production. It usually takes some time to make innovative production processes marketable. To achieve this, we join forces with highly specialized subsidiaries and excellent project partners. We are focused on your advantage and create practicable and lean technological processes that can be optimally integrated into your existing production facilities. Together with you, we will visit your production plant and explain how the new system package with machine, feed unit and wafer-thin-coated substrate can be seamlessly integrated into the existing environment. Aspects such as quality, ease of work, time savings, digitization, and sustainability always play a key role. And even after the system integration and commissioning, our work is not done! KURZ accompanies and supports you completely in all technological matters: with remote service, machine maintenance, technical adaptation, and additional services far beyond the start of production and your precisely timed daily production.