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Complex, big, 3D: the solution is IPD-skin®

Is your production line focused on the coating of complex or large plastic components, which often have sophisticated 3D geometries? LEONHARD KURZ has developed a groundbreaking coating solution for economically decorating such products. We named this process IPD-skin®. IPD stands for ‘Individual Post Decoration’. The parts are first molded. ‘Skin’ stands for the thinnest decorative coatings that can be applied together with their substrate. Thus, an infinite number of different designs, finishes, and surface structures can be created. In the process, the decoration design is perfectly combined with the component: good adherence and economical even for small batches, large parts, prototypes, sample copies, mock-ups, designer versions, and special editions.

IPD-skin® – technical details at a glance

With IPD-skin®, you can incorporate an innovative coating process into your production lines giving you nothing but advantages. You’ll enjoyimmense design freedom even for short runs. Various decorations can be applied to plastic in rapid succession. Since the machine chamber works only with low pressure at low temperatures, you’ll create components that in addition to their aesthetic quality, also inspire with their powerful feel.

  • The fully formed plastic part isprecisely positioned in the mold insert of the IPD-skin® machine

  • At the same time, the machine pulls the high-grade substrate with the desired decoration and haptic properties onto a movable frame arranged above the molded part

  • In the vacuum process, the substrate with the wafer-thin coating is lowered onto the molded part. Thus, the decoration can be applied together with the substrate to the plastic element at a precisely controlled low temperature 

  • During the subsequent process stage, the decorated component is precisely and fully automatically trimmed at a second machine station. This can be done through punching or laser cutting. This produces precise outer edges as well as precision cutouts and openings in the component, which can later be filled, for example, with control panels or contrasting decors

Everything becomes simple, economical and flexible

With IPD-skin®, KURZ focuses on a process that makes your production as easy and pleasant as possible, especially with slightly more complex component batches. You can coat finished molded parts made of a wide variety of plastics. Different coating variants, designs, and structures are available. If you wish, you can also give your products surfaces with an attractive feel. In the machine chamber, the vacuum pressure and temperature parameters are programmed in a way that is gentle to the materials. This results in attractive to the eye aesthetics, combined with surprising haptic encounters for the palm and fingertips, even on large, curved, and arched surfaces. 

Haptic design: looks fantastic - and can be experienced with the sense of touch

The designers and developers in your company are well acquainted with products that have future potential. We can provide useful stimuli for ideas at a very early stage of conception. With IPD-skin®, in particular, KURZ can also help you create impressive mock-ups. And we’ll tell you in consultation whether you can implement your technical ideas with a reasonable investment. IPD-skin® allows you to give your future products new, superior aesthetics. In addition to colors, gradients, brushed looks, and metallization, you can design your surfaces with textures, structures, tactile qualities, and backlighting. The reduced pressure during the process ensures that all types of micro-embossings, corrugations, engravings, etc. remain intact. IPD-skin® stands for practical versatility: you can deploy it to create products with numerous novel decorations and, at the same time, produce them economically at attractive cost.

Technical advice, as you want it

As with all other KURZ technical processes, we can also expertly advise you on IPD-skin® usage. Please contact us if you are interested. Our technical specialists are always happy to sit down with you, to determine your exact requirements and give you professional advice for ideal production-specific additions or expansions.


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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