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Four process steps at once: decorating, thermoforming, injection molding, punching

Every idea and action taken by the technical developers at LEONHARD KURZ is based on the added value for industrial customers. Our aim is to increase production efficiency with a newly combined form of plastic processing. As a result, your costs and your added value will benefit from maximum efficiency and your company will become significantly more future-proof. Another factor is creativity. Because KURZ also offers suggestions and design ideas for the creation of new products and for increasing product attractiveness for future consumers.

We have the technological expertise to solve complex requirements on the production line in one fell swoop. An excellent example of such achievements is the IMD VARIOFORM® process based on proven IMD technology. Specially designed for the manufacture of plastic elements with demanding, highly deformed, and extreme 3D geometries. Highly efficient by bundling four production steps into a single processing phase without a separate thermoforming unit. This allows you to decorate, thermoform, inject, and punch plastic parts, and stand out with significantly higher efficiency with display sizes of up to 8“. PolyTC sensors are also 3D deformable and adapt perfectly to this demanding shape.

4 steps to success: Bavarian Innovation Prize 2020 for IMD VARIOFORM® with Functional IML

Innovative spirit and top quality, Made in Germany – that's LEONHARD KURZ. Our continued commitment has recently been acknowledged with an award from our own region: As the next generation of leading finishing technologies, our IMD VARIOFORM® process with Functional In-Mold Labeling was presented with the third main prize at the Bayern 2020 Innovation Prize.

By bundling the four processes of decorating, thermoforming, back-injection molding, and punching, we achieve unprecedented performance levels when it comes to decorating smart three-dimensional plastic components with matching touch sensors. An example of this technological innovation is a specially designed component with slider function and backlighting.

But our innovation is not only ground breaking for applications with a human/machine interface in the automotive industry: Household appliances and consumer electronics can also become functional designer objects in this way. These synergies let you achieve maximum efficiency and the best possible cost optimization, coupled with unmatched creative freedom when it comes to design.

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IMD VARIOFORM® - technical details at a glance

The KURZ IMD VARIOFORM® process was developed specifically for the production of plastic parts with special 3D geometry. This makes it possible to even produce decorated elements and components with strongly bent, arched, and curved shapes. Four seamlessly integrated processing steps, which merge the entire process into a highly efficient unit, follow one after the other in rapid succession.

IMD VARIOFORM® allows you to produce using an easy roll-to-roll process. During a complex production stage, the decorating, thermoforming, injection molding, and punching of the plastic takes place directly in the injection mold. In this way, even very sophisticated and expansive plastic parts get their design, their final shape, and their precise outer edges in one combined process. With IMD VARIOFORM®, these steps can be included in a time-saving and convenient one-stop process solution.

  • For the production of three-dimensional plastic parts, the IMD VARIOFORM® substrate with the desired decor runs through the machine as a wafer-thin coating in a roll-to-roll process. A thermoforming system as typical in conventional processes is not needed

  • The IMD VARIOFORM® coating is heated directly in the chamber of the injection mold and pressed into the cavity. This gives the plastic part its shape and its characteristic surface design with precise edges

  • Subsequently, the blank can be relocated fully automatically in the injection mold and injected with the necessary plastic material

  • This step is followed by the use of a special tool technology called close-contour punching, so that the component receives its well-finished outer edges

There are no limits to your imagination when decorating

IMD Varioform UFO raw materialIMD Varioform UFO recycled

On the one hand, IMD VARIOFORM® is so compact and process-efficient that it makes it possible to create decisive competitive advantages. On the other hand, this technology from KURZ can also unleash an almost boundless creativity in the development and design of products. This process offers the same freedom of design as the IMD process.

Let your new designs be even more ambitious - or crazy

The highlight of IMD VARIOFORM® is the production of components that are made even more extraordinary with three-dimensional shapes and elegant design.


One-stop process solution for streamlined production processes

KURZ aims to make even the most complex plastics production processes as integrated, fast, and cost-effective as possible. IMD VARIOFORM® is a great example of this, because this technology allows you to bundle four separate manufacturing steps in a one-stop solution. To achieve this, you need a powerful injection molding machine - and the IMD VARIOFORM® production concept from KURZ with a KURZ IMD VARIOFORM® coating, KURZ feed unit, and IR heating unit. We can provide you with the entire solution from consulting through installation and commissioning to the start of your serial production and service: all inclusive, so that you can produce attractive products efficiently and economically at an even higher level.


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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