Earth Attraction

Inspiration for unique plastic surfaces
Power of attraction, fascination, unlimited possibilities on plastic surfaces. Experience this with KURZ at CES 2021. Explore unknown worlds and discover our latest design developments. We created futuristic wood designs and translated natural phenomena into unprecedented surfaces. Nature is becoming a new reality. Look forward to innovations that exceed all expectations.
KURZ solutions are much more than the business card of your brand. They impress both in terms of design and technology. Inspiration from nature can be combined with touch functions or Shy Tech designs. Matte or shiny wood-look surfaces can be combined with metallization and tactile haptics. Adding day-and-night designs or backlighting creates a new world for plastic surfaces.
This creativity has resulted in many award-winning solutions that impress with sustainability and efficiency.


For KURZ, every new development is an interaction between technology, design, and the future, with a special focus on the responsible use of our resources. The result: Innovative surfaces that open up new possibilities and already meet tomorrow’s requirements for function and design, today. See for yourself!

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g r a v i t y
f o r c e s

Attractive product design is a requirement and not optional in today’s markets. Like gravity in the solar system, for example, which determines the paths of the earth and moon. We have compiled our latest design approaches for you. Each has its own unique characteristics. Like in nature, we take the freedom to completely rethink surface designs based on their environment. KURZ invites you to join us on a special journey to fascinating and sustainable design solutions.

Our topics

Technology meets the future -
innovative solutions from KURZ

Bringing the best of all worlds together and creating sustainable processes that can be efficiently integrated into the customer's value chains. This is the motivation behind KURZ's innovations. The interface between humans and products (HMI) is becoming increasingly important. KURZ experts have a secure instinct for translating the needs of tomorrow into intelligent surface concepts. The development of intelligent sensor technology and production processes such as In-Mold Decoration (IMD) play a major role in this. Find out more about the latest developments from KURZ first-hand.