Surface Design

We beautify your process


Tactile IMD effects for plastic surfaces

Increase the emotional appeal of your products with the unique tactile design of our softtouch effects Satin Feel, Velvet Feel and Grip Feel. The KURZ Softtouch foils can be combined with individual designs, transparency or backlighting and are designed for low-cost and environmentally-friendly Inmold Decoration (IMD). Ideal for use in trend-oriented sectors such as automotive and consumer electronics, as well as for consumer goods, cosmetics, home appliances and aerospace.

  • Transparent and combinable with all plastic colors
  • Combinable with patterns and designs
  • NCVM (Non-Conductive Vacuum Metalization)
  • Can be backlit


Magical depth effect for plastic

Captivate your customers at the POS with the spectacular 3D effect TRUSTSEAL®3D PLASTX. Remarkably real hologram motifs on flat or domed plastic surfaces create an extremely realistic and vivid depth effect. A visually seducing invitation to touch.

  • Flexible application
  • Free hologram design
  • Unique 3D design
  • For flat or domed surfaces


A hint of metal. Added value for your product

Rely on filigree structures and create your individual real metal effect with FINE WOVEN METAL hot-stamping foils. LINES, GRADIENTS or GEOMETRICS open up a completely new design world-aesthetically and functionally tailored to your requirements.

  • Semi-transparent effects
  • Partial metalization
  • Gradient options
  • Non-Conductive Vacuum Metalizing (NCVM)
  • Can be backlit
  • High durability
  • High abrasion resistance

New design effects: a treat for the senses

Our marvellous tactile surfaces not only offer an array of modern designs that provide the required design flexibility and give the surface a special touch, but also guarantees an extremely realistic appearance and an impressive visual enhancement.

Surprise your customers with the haptic effects of our soft and silky touch IMD solutions. And set stunning accents with our unique real brushed foils, or easier-to-clean, durable printed brushed patterns.

Sparkling moments – KURZ' breathtaking holographic designs

Creativity knows no bounds. This is the mantra that we live by. As a design and service-oriented surface specialist, we have added yet more unique effects to our wide range of designs for smart plastic surfaces. They are truly a treat for the senses. Fascinate your customers with the subtle color changes of our continuous holographic designs – for surface effects that no competitor can offer you.

Benefit from our expertise as a full-range supplier for your processing needs. All effects are available for the different processes and can be combined – for a homogenous design every time.


  • Design variety
  • Premium look
  • Econscious process
  • Inline decoration

Exciting design upgrade

Restyling has never been easier than with KURZ CAP-tivate Luxury: Thanks to the trail-blazing technology of IMD and hot stamping, your caps and lids become real eye-catchers at the POS. The process is patent-pending and creates lustrous, bicolor designs with scratch-resistant surface structures.

Take charge of your success! Whichever format and size your product requires, we make the right solution available. And you can get into the development process yourself and determine your own foil composition. And when it comes to machine and tool kits, we are glad to help.


  • Bicolor designs
  • Natural finishes in wood, concrete and marble
  • Endless variety of motifs
  • Partial soft-touch sensation
  • Variety of sizes

CAP-tivate Luxury ‒ application fields

Thrill your customers with our irresistible variety of motifs, partial enhancement and glamorous metallic effects. A tactile highlight: our soft-touch effect, which can be partially applied. In addition to the fascinating look, our KURZ foils also boast quick design change and automatic correction of small surface imperfections.

IMD: hair styler

  • Multicolored design without process limits
  • Photo-realistic designs possible
  • High-performance heatproof foil
  • Sharp-edged logo printing
  • Smooth and matt surface
  • Highly efficient decoration process
  • Plastic production and decoration in one step
  • High-yield rate compared to spray painting

Sensational design for every use

New design effects using IMD

  • Innovative harmonic combination of visual decoration and tactile structure
  • Authentic wood look reinforced by novel tactile wave effect and matt finish
  • Components can easily be equipped with sensor functions
  • Eye catching backlighting solutions can be realized

No matter what design you opt for, we can deliver. We are the only company in the world that can offer all finishing processes from a single source: IMD (In-Mold-Decoration), Insert Molding, PMD technology (PC screen printing), IPD-Skin (Individual Post Decoration Skin) and hot stamping.

PMD-Technology: The fusion of design and technology

Together with BURG DESIGN, the KURZ Group's screen printing specialist, we offer special screen printing options that go far beyond what was previously possible in top-quality decoration.

The special feature of PMD (print mold design) technology is that atmospheric light effects and subtle haptics can be combined with transparencies.

This creates appealing surface designs, the external attraction of which will overshadow everything that has come before: PMD technology breathes life into your premium surfaces in the most modern way.


  • Extraordinary high-end design
  • PC sheet for high gloss depth effect
  • Premium products for your premium customers

A dazzling alternative: genuine chrome finishing without electroplating

The KURZ Chrome Know-How

A shiny front grill: Few things define the face of a vehicle more than this metalized eye-catcher. Yet the complex geometry of the front grill, with its many different angles, demands enormous expertise in surface finishing.

Based on our technical experience, we are the experts for challenging hot stamping projects using genuine chrome and we provide a convincing alternative to electroplating with our solution which comprises different, specially developed chrome foils and customized machines.

Considerably lower costs, no legal restrictions, simpler processing of complex components, and lasting colors are just some of the benefits of our efficient finishing solution, the heart of which is a unique, highly sophisticated technology. It combines high-tech hot stamping and genuine chrome coating, and is able to hot-stamp special geometries. In short, an innovative finishing solution for those looking for more than the standard.


  • Save up to 65 % cost with KURZ chrome finishes compared to electroplating
  • Top-quality chrome shine and optimum durability
  • Unique technology combining a high-tech hot stamping machine with genuine chrome coating
  • Cost efficient partial chrome decoration can only be done with hot stamping technology

Advance your durability to the next level

Heavy Duty Top Coats

UV radiation, scratches, abrasion, moisture, climate change... The resistance requirements for your products' surfaces are as extreme as they are varied. As experts in the most sophisticated specification-based surface protection, we not only develop our top coats in-house. We also create, produce, and process our paints ourselves.

As a result, not only do we offer the most suitable and effective protection for your individual application: Throughout the entire production process you can also be sure of the consistently high quality and availability of our products.

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