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DECOPUR: A smart solution for autonomous driving

Hello Future! When it comes to automobile front designs, completely new rules apply. Materials must be tailored to the requirements of self-driving cars with regard to artificial intelligence, design, and durability. Front styles containing electronic and photoelements. Sturdy surfaces boasting not only outstanding durability, but breathtaking depth effects and self-healing materials. Compositions supporting radar and LiDAR functions. The vehicles of tomorrow will communicate, operate, and react with other road users, and shape the streetscape of the future.

KURZ’s response to the mobility needs of the future: DECOPUR

Smooth, aerodynamic and hazard-reducing surfaces, maximum functionality, and design options without equal – cars with these features will shape the streetscape of tomorrow. In particular front ends with innovative decorations, which are becoming core brand elements, conceal the intelligence of self-driving cars.  We at KURZ have worked out a wonderful solution for manufacturers and suppliers: IMD DECOPUR. It combines the best of two worlds:

Self-healing, futuristic, with depth effect: ‘Front end’, the new brand label

A sophisticated production process makes it possible. Even very thin PUR layers of 0.2 mm display an enthralling crystalline depth effect. 


DECOPUR also enhances interiors

DECOPUR not only enhances vehicle exteriors, it makes for breathtaking effects in interiors as well. Imagine single-image designs that allow light to pass through, with overlapping structures that create a pronounced three-dimensional appearance and simulate fascinating depth. And all in combination with backlighting effects that lend interiors a custom-made and special atmosphere. DECOPUR gives your imagination free rein to amaze your customers with some very special creations.

Make automotive front ends a core brand element

DECOPUR poses particular challenges for tools and technology. Injection molding tool manufacturer Schöfer, a member of the KURZ Group, has brought in its cumulative engineering know-how. You benefit from brand-shaping front designs, a technological edge, and sustainable and efficient processes. We bring our entire technology and design know-how to bear for you, so you can win customers over as a mobility partner.

The biggest benefits of DECOPUR at a glance:

  • All in one: Injection molding and the two decoration processes IMD and PUR in a single production step

  • Special adhesive force: KURZ IMD decoration forms an extremely strong bond between layers

  • Front end as a brand element: Front panel for autonomous driving in cutting-edge, crystalline designs

  • Outstanding stability: High-gloss design with breathtaking depth effect and self-healing surfaces

  • Lighting effects: Supports communication with other road users

  • Capable of series production: Advanced technology for efficient serial production with significantly shortened cycle times and broad design scope

We develop decoration processes, materials and machines on an ongoing basis in order to stay abreast of the mobility demands of the future. We focus on efficiency, innovation, and sustainability, as well as on productivity in your value chain. Discover our complete solution approach: a one-stop shop for all your surface needs. Get in touch with us.


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.


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