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Carbon decoration

Lightweight, very sturdy, high savings potential

High stability and low weight: that's what matters in the automotive industry today. And not only there: in the field of consumer electronics, lightweight and sturdy products are also gaining in importance. This presented a major challenge for manufacturers, because the decoration of such parts used to be considered complex and expensive - until now. With BOND LAMINATES and ENGEL AUSTRIA, KURZ achieved a breakthrough in Carbon Composite Decoration. In what’s known as the one-shot process, KURZ combines component decoration and press molds, thus significantly accelerating the decoration of hybrid components. Time-consuming and environmentally harmful varnishing and sanding are now a thing of the past. This innovative process - patent pending with BOND LAMINATES - can save up to 60 percent of production costs going forward. But that’s not all: transport costs and CO2 emissions are also lower as the components are lighter. Individual, trendy, and attractive designs are, of course, also still possible. Brushed metal, textured carbon look, or wood effect - decorate your parts to your taste.

One-shot Carbon Composite Decoration - a technological masterpiece

Tool technology posed a very special challenge in the new process. After all, a perfect connection between the composite material and the finishing needed to be created. And KURZ has achieved this. We have developed special injection molds to ensure a stable casting and decoration process. The foil feeder has also been adapted to the special requirements of Carbon Composite Decoration. You can count on getting every part in consistently quality. KURZ has thus taken a quantum leap in the economical decoration of thin-walled parts. We are currently working hard to bring this process to production maturity.

Not only light, but also trendy and elegant

For the Carbon Composite Decoration process, in particular, KURZ has developed specially tailored formulations for the coating material. It bonds firmly to the materials of the hybrid component and is adapted to your specifications. In addition, you benefit from great flexibility in terms of the look and feel of your carbon surfaces: Our design team is constantly developing new surface designs: shiny, matt, or tactile surfaces that feel velvety. A brushed metal look is just as feasible as a gold or wood effect. Even transparent solutions with, for example, a soft-touch feel are possible to enhance the carbon look.

Attractive designs, appealing applications

This unique and patent-pending process makes one thing clear: KURZ is at the forefront when it comes to thinking outside the box. Carbon Composite Decoration is a milestone especially for the automotive and consumer electronics industries and is set to conquer other industries as well.

    The main advantages of Carbon Composite Decoration at a glance:

    • Up to 60 percent cost savings possible. Component decoration and molding performed in one step. No varnishing or sanding

    • High design flexibility. Different decors and haptics feasible

    • Innovative process, patent pending. This technology will take you one step closer to market leadership

    • Better CO2 balance, as the hybrid components are decorated in a single step. No transport from one processor to the next required

    • No environmentally harmful varnishing and sanding necessary

    • Almost ready for series production

    Innovation, sustainability, and efficiency - that's what we strive to offer you. Because we take our responsibility in the efficient use of our resources seriously. We will gladly assist you in efficiently integrating Carbon Composite Decoration into your value chain.  Contact us.


    One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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