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KURZ @ CES2022

Mission (In)Visible

Experience the future of surface decoration, designed for recycling!


(R)Evolution in ideas and concepts for vehicles of the future

Electric cars, hybrid vehicles, and autonomous driving. Transfer of intuitive functionalities from the smartphone revolution to the car. Individualization, digitalization: we don’t need to tell you about the latest trends in the automotive industry. Because specialists in Automotive OEMs and Automotive Tier 1 + 2 manufacturers grapple with them every day.

Whether managers, designers, or development engineers: they’re all dedicated to setting the course for mobility in the future. To this end, you need components with visionary design and various innovative functions. And you need a partner like LEONHARD KURZ, who makes everything possible in terms of design and functionality; who knows the industry, gives input and stimuli, and helps you achieve maximum effectiveness when it comes to cost efficiency, value creation, and project workflows. We are there to help your investments and for the long-term support of your sustainability strategy.

Conceived by nature - transferred from man to car as an innovation

Mechanisms and aesthetics of nature are considered perfect. Nowhere else are external shapes so homogeneously connected with internal processes. For this reason, nature has repeatedly been a model for technical progress. In the automotive interior, however, visions of a homogeneous combination of functional aspects and end-to-end design have reached their limits. Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) are the next development step.


Here, KURZ makes pioneering contributions with innovative designs and integrated sensor technology, which comes from our subsidiary PolyIC and enables a highly functional interaction between man and technology in the car. For this purpose, KURZ creates the highest quality surfaces that look as if they have been organically grown. Operating symbols and driver information appear on this skin, and color changes and lighting effects take place. Under the skin, however, lies a level of integrated functions that can be launched with touch and gesture control.

Metal-mesh-sensors for individual vehicle dreams 

Buttons and controls are initially invisible in the dead-front design and only emerge when the backlighting is activated.  Various functions on and in the car, which can be controlled by touch or gesture.  


Fading Lines – prize-winning panel with a variety of functions

Prize-winning proof of KURZ's outstanding design and technology expertise: The KURZ HMI panel ‘Fading Lines’ has won the Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design and Automotive categories. The size and geometry of the operating panel are unusual. It is almost one meter wide and organically curved. The panel proves very innovative, convenient, and intuitive to use for drivers.  The homogeneous surface conceals many touch functions and touch buttons. The display reacts to contact, and only then reveals its functions with activated backlighting. KURZ has developed a special design for this sophisticated HMI panel: ‘Fading Lines'. Expressive lines, like cresting waves, run across a glossy dead front surface, bestowing dynamism and elegance to automotive interiors.

Drive power for something new - also for steering wheel and radiator grille

When it comes to finishing for door trims and other car elements, we help you think ahead!

The three-dimensional surfaces of a steering wheel, for example, can be equipped with optional additional functions. Mechanical functions can be replaced by touch control. The driver enjoys more comfort and faster orientation plus gets automatic feedback through slight vibration as confirmation that desired functions have been performed by the vehicle.

As with the interior, car makers can also explore completely new areas in the exterior. For example, in electric cars, when elements that are part of the external appearance are technically no longer necessary but should be preserved for recognition and brand identity purposes. Just take the radiator grille - here, KURZ has developed pioneering concepts with novel design options and functionalities on the vehicle front.

An example of an innovative technique with this focus is IMD PUR technology.

Conductive coatings bring the future to and into the car

The PolyTC® touch sensors offered by KURZ subsidiary PolyIC have decisive advantages over conventional ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) sensors: Thanks to high-resolution metal mesh structures on polyester substrates, they are highly conductive and very flexible. Thus, they also deliver their full effect on curved surfaces and thicker plastic parts. In addition, the sensors including the electrical connection (tail) are connected directly to the component. This saves time and money with seamless adaptation to replace existing application methods.

With KURZ you drive safely: with strategic and practical focus

Every technological coating process from KURZ can be flexibly integrated into your global value chain. In this way, you profit continuously because, among other things, we use the thinnest material thicknesses to reduce vehicle weight. At the same time, new connections result from design and functionality. In each vehicle, an individual experience space emerges, which drivers and passengers enjoy with all their senses.

Leading manufacturers in the Automotive OEM and Automotive Tier 1 + 2 sectors rely on KURZ. We create the best conditions for your cost-effective production in large and small batches: ideal for ever-shorter product life cycles. KURZ builds safeguards for the future - including very practical aspects:  To meet the high demands of automobile manufacturers, we have developed display topcoats in the variants KURZ BRIGHT VIEW, KURZ COMFORT VIEW, and KURZ EASY EYE: supremely reflective, abrasion-resistant, easy to clean, dust-repellent. Book a consultation at any time to discover the complete solutions from KURZ.


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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