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Surface decoration vehicle equipment

Let's accelerate together and make your vehicle interiors even more attractive and functional

Interior concepts for your future model range must remain true to the vehicle brand – just the same as the car exterior – to attract prospects, buyers, and the drivers of tomorrow. Today, high-quality plastics are used to produce many elements of the driver's cockpit and car interior. Innovative technologies will open up completely new perspectives in this area. The highly efficient combination of different production steps helps you to make components ever more economically. As the global market leader, LEONHARD KURZ is on the ball when it comes to future trends and the road to success for automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers. Our designers, developers, and engineers have the right expertise and creative spirit to come up with ideas, inspiration, and practical plastic solutions to get you ahead. And if we say ‘ahead’, we mean it!

Expert Talk

Automotive Interior

For many, the car is more than just a means of transport. Seat heating, media console and so on, ensure that we feel comfortable on numerous journeys. And, of course, the ambiance also plays an important role. The interior should be appealing, with pleasant lighting and, of course, equipped with many practical features. The KURZ Group develops pioneering concepts in this area, and we will present some of them to you today in an interview with three experts in car design.

KURZ gives car plastic components qualities never seen before

Working with KURZ in technology and production means taking a new and different approach! Because our job is to give plastic components in vehicles even more potential through refinement and technical sophistication. We do not content ourselves with well-known properties, but always derive new, valuable characteristics from plastic for the automotive industry. From the attractive start button to begin the journey, through new comfortable steering wheel functions, to the touch-controlled Human-Machine Interface (HMI) with seamless curves: you can now effectively upgrade the interior of your car too. Our creativity in aesthetics, functionality, and production specifically for the future of the car doesn’t stop there. Besides inspiration, numerous new solutions can be realized now and in the future.

Many feasible components for cockpit and passenger compartment

The name KURZ stands not just for plastic decoration and surfaces with completely new looks and diverse feels. For years, we have specialized in the adhesive bonding of sensors on wafer-thin substrates directly to the plastic. The result is components for cars which, in addition to attractive surfaces, also bring integrated functions into the vehicle interior. We help you produce plastic-based chrome parts for instrument panels, on-board computers, navigation devices, and air-conditioning - with real chrome plating without electroplating and chrome VI. With KURZ solutions, you can apply partial, full-surface, or even two-sided decorations on flat, curved, polygonal, small, and large surfaces. From shiny to matt, from chrome to carbon, with an exclusive wood-chrome look, a rich velvet matt effect, or elegant piano lacquer. But above all else, capacitive sensors can create exciting functionalities that the driver calls up with a gesture or touch:

    • Large, curved, and non-reflective touch control panels with seamlessly installed surfaces to protect against dust and dirt 

    • Smart HMIs with a fascinating user experience thanks to backlight-enabled buttons and controllers instead of mechanical devices

    • Touchpads and steering wheel switches that start to glow in ON mode and give the driver feedback via a vibration feature

    • Door trim and other decorative elements boasting a backlit day-night design with color change, to enhance atmosphere and exclusivity in the vehicle

    More than just pie in the sky: your options explained

    We are happy to support you with our knowledge and creative thinking for individual new solutions in your automobiles, or for a wide variety of car parts. Today, you can rely on numerous production-ready processes:

    • KURZ offers a variety of decoration methods such as hot stamping, Inmold Decoration (IMD) or insert molding, which can be used to implement a wide variety of designs. UNICOLOR, woodgrain, and technical patterns are just as possible as different degrees of gloss and a fascinating feel

    • Our processes are characterized by quick decoration changes, enormous efficiency, and outstanding surface resistance to scratches, wear, UV rays, moisture, sunscreen, and cleaning agents

    • In addition to an attractive dead-front design, backlighting and other features can be created by integrating sensors in all decorating processes. Capacitive PolyTC® sensors with a wafer-thin, flexible metal-mesh structure provide functional enhancements: from lighting and light changes to useful additional features for ease of use and convenience

    • Surfaces equipped with functions can be controlled by the driver via tapping or swiping


    IMD Inmold Decoration

    Plastic parts with a more pronounced 3D geometry can be designed aesthetically and functionally with the Inmold Decoration (IMD) process.


    Insert Molding

    For components with very pronounced 3D geometries, insert molding technology is ideal, not only for applying haptic and non-haptic decorations



    With the IMD VARIOFORM® technology newly developed by KURZ, you now have the option of reshaping, decorating, injection-molding, and punching plastic with pronounced 3D geometry in one production step.


    Touch Control

    The production of fully integrated touchpads and touchscreens for arched instrument clusters is possible: with an intelligent surface, semi-transparent and backlit functions as well as an exclusive front in piano lacquer.


    HMI Human Machine Interface

    You can make the capacitive control panel for the on-board computer, the navigation system, and the air-conditioning system ultra-thin with backlit buttons, and additionally with haptic feedback on request.


    Fascinating lighting effects

    Then there’s the active ambient light control in the car through door trim and other decorative elements with day-night design and a touch function for changing light.



    Added to this is the sound optimization of plastic components, which is particularly important in the automotive industry: They can be fitted with innovative KURZ soft-touch surfaces, and contribute to dampening and harmonizing noises, for example, in storage compartments and other interior zones.



    Finally, with high-quality topcoats and clear coats, KURZ ensures that the surfaces remain extremely scratch- and abrasion-resistant plus colorfast, whilst maintaining the best anti-reflection properties and enabling effortless cleaning.


    More momentum for concept and development

    With this information, we would like to give you motivation and suggestions for current and future development paths in the automotive interior segment. Our specialists look forward to teaming up with you to create technical solutions for your future plans. On the basis of our long-standing core competence for automotive Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers as well as automotive OEMs, you are in the best of hands from the initial idea right through to series production. KURZ focuses on the complete solution that starts with practical consulting, sets targets with machine and production specifications, and, moreover, supports you with a tailor-made remote service package for maintenance and production optimization. Take us at our word!


    One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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