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Surface decoration vehicle exterieur

Stay ahead of the rest with vehicle exteriors

Where is pole position, where is the fast lane and where is there potential for your future brand management? Car engineers, designers and suppliers have always had to be dynamic in order to maintain and expand their brand lead. It won't be any different in the future. Only those who are able to offer real innovation, who inspire car buyers and who set dynamic trends, will stay ahead.  And it is our high-quality decorated plastics on the vehicle's exterior that can open up a wide range of surprising new possibilities. Their fine appearance contributes to the continuing development of brand image. They make cars more attractive, as well as making a valuable contribution to exterior quality by providing a new level of surface durability. For example, criteria such as scratch resistance, UV resistance and corrosion protection are satisfied to the highest standards. And finally, plastic also has the ability to develop innovative functions for the driver via sensor integration. This way we pave the way for you to create vehicle features that surprise, inspire and tie customers into the brand.

Expert Talk

Automotive Exterior

The car of the future is electric, autonomous, and offers a high level of comfort. For automotive manufacturers, this idea brings with it many new, exciting tasks. Is the radiator grille, as we know it now, out of date? And if so, what will replace it? And another question is becoming increasingly important: What materials should be used? The KURZ Group develops solutions like these.

From welcoming the driver to the paradigm shift on the radiator grille

Innovative model concepts must also remain true to the brand in terms of their curves, shapes and external appearance. We help you to integrate comprehensive aesthetic and functional advantages at the front of the vehicle, for the doors or on the tailgate. It is important to give the right profile to your brand. KURZ is your visionary expert partner, enhancing the driver's user experience with embellished vehicle plastics. For example, think about having elements on the vehicle that light up when the opening function is activated to give the driver a friendly welcome. Or think about the radiator grille, which is especially important for brand identity. It is crucial for achieving high recognition. Cutting-edge technologies from KURZ that focus on surface refinement and application development can be groundbreaking for you. For example, they can boost high-quality genuine chromatic lenses with integrated sensors with surprising, new function options.

A look at applications that are almost instantly available

As an international market leader, LEONHARD KURZ offers numerous groundbreaking technologies, some of which are patented. They will help you add futuristic effects to the external appearance of your new cars. Until recently, much of this was scarcely imaginable:

  • KURZ's chrome transfer process provides automotive suppliers with an alternative to electroplating in the form of a process for applying decorative chrome layer, together with an abrasion-resistant protective lacquer. This is how you can add special value and elegance to front panel plastic components, radiator grills and nameplates. All the colour shades and aesthetic effects such as gloss, semi-matt, matt and brushed can be chosen

  • Decorative trims and trim strips for the outside of the vehicle can optionally be designed in an elegant dead front design or with integrated, multi-colored and changing backlighting

  • Logo badges and model names can be produced in outstanding quality using the hot embossing process with vertical stamping and roll-off embossing variants. In addition to filigree visuals and colour representations, it is now possible to create attractive solutions in an extraordinary Dark Chrome

  • In a combined application, high-gloss chrome surfaces can be created with the UNICOLOR application on the same part, for example for wheel hub covers

  • High-quality protective lacquers and surface coatings are particularly required on the outside of cars. KURZ leaves nothing to be desired in chrome decoration with top coats for extreme scratch and weather resistance plus effortless cleaning

Iconic Space Grille

A crystal clear selection:
ABC Award 2020 for KURZ

Curiosity and the drive to innovate pay off, as evidenced by our ‘Iconic Space Grille’. Its 3D-prism design, high efficiency IMD technology, and crystal clear, self-healing PUR surface won over an enthusiastic jury at the world-renowned Automotive Brand Contest. The ‘Future, Mobility and Parts’ award represents an important milestone in forward-looking exterior design. Read about our innovative ideas for meeting the new design requirements of Future Mobility:

The challenge

The automobile industry is changing faster than almost any other, and sustainability plays a key role. Autonomous driving and e-mobility are no longer just a vision of the future, they have become reality. At KURZ we are ushering in this era with visionary new ideas, like our prize-winning concept ‘Iconic Space Grille’.​​​​​​


The solution

In order to tackle the challenges of future automobile design, we have redesigned the grille. We are using it as a way to interact with other motorists, as a space for aesthetic lighting concepts, and for smart safety solutions. Our ‘Iconic Space Grille’ combines modern, sustainable technology with new design options: the smooth, closed surface of our exterior front panel conceals an exciting prism design with hologram effect, using backlighting to give its 3D look even more depth (day-night design).

A futuristic lighting concept crowns the diamond design, with colors changing from orange to red to green. Signalling, braking, and charging can soon be externally communicated. For more information on our design concept, read here. Its manufacture has been forward-looking as well: IMD PUR is a world first in process technology. Our front panel of the future features resource saving, efficient parts manufacture, and a long life cycle, thanks to the self-healing surface finishing IMD PUR.

Here's how we won over the jury:

  • Efficient manufacture KURZ IMD PUR process – now in serial production
  • Sturdy, self-healing surfaces
  • Appealing day-night design
  • Light as a means of communication with other motorists (color change for signalling, braking, charging)
  • Outstanding 3D design with hologram effect

KURZ is a source of ideas and a driving force

Solving special tasks demands a specialist partner: KURZ experts can work together with your automotive exterior designers at any time and provide significant momentum. We are on hand to provide ideas for decorated plastic elements based on what is actually feasible. We offer you the complete technical solution package, including the required BAIER machine stations and the necessary additional units. We accompany you from the planning stage to the start of production if you are interested in complete system integration. On request, our technical support goes much further and can also include a complete convenient remote service for the ultimate in operational safety/security.



One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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