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Self-healing, futuristic, with depth effect: ‘Front end’, the new brand label

A sophisticated production process makes it possible. Even very thin PUR layers of 0.2 mm display an enthralling crystalline depth effect. Under them and at your disposal are all the design options characteristic of IMD: single or multicolor, partial- or full-surface, chrome or carbon finish, matt or backlit. Entirely according to taste. Fancy a change of design? Easily done, and without affecting the efficiency of your production. You can also flood preformed PMD sheets with PUR. Print Mold Design from KURZ subsidiary BURG DESIGN uses a special screen-printing technique to print transparent plastic sheets on both sides, and efficiently deform, punch out, and injection mold the component geometry. Whichever the process, the result is always punchy surface structures – crystal-clear, aerodynamic, durable and safe.

PUR = stability + fascination

Polyurethane is very durable and lends enormous stability to surfaces. Colors and designs keep their luster and beauty longer because they shrug off weather conditions, chipping and scratching. The latter even self-heal, just a few rays from the sun and scratches disappear. Another big advantage: components enhanced with PUR are more durable and designed for the long run. This can win over customers, since responsible and environmentally-aware actions are increasingly reasons for buying.