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Designs – seamless orientation toward the future of autonomous driving and e-mobility

Self-driving vehicles require materials that can be penetrated by LiDAR and radar beams. Moreover, the corresponding components on the vehicle exterior must possess enormous physical stability. The more durable they are and the more combined their production in a single step, the better for energy balance, conservation of raw materials and waste prevention. Many of these considerations are also important for electric cars. KURZ has taken them all into account in the development of its new IMD PUR technology. In just one production step, it delivers the best of two worlds: for vehicle designs with unmistakable, brand-building qualities – and for directly integrating pioneering functions in crystal-clear, avant-garde surfaces.

Beautiful design effects look like they are behind glass

The technical approach of the IMD PUR process gives you lots of leeway in your product design. You can limit the layer thickness of the PUR topcoat to a minimum of 0.2 millimeters or apply up to a maximum of 15 millimeter thick polyurethane. This creates punchy surface structures with smooth, aerodynamic, and hazard-reducing qualities. Even thin PUR layers display pronounced depth effects with an appealing, malleable appearance.

Moreover, the final PUR coating can be tinted in different color shades and intensities, including classy metallic effects. The entire range of effects typical for IMD is available to you for designs, colors, and layout. You can create single or multicolor parts; partial- or full-surface designs. Finishes are possible in carbon and wood effects, and from mother-of-pearl to highly polished chrome. There are also brushed surfaces, which can have looser structuring that allows light to pass through. Designs can be changed quickly and efficiently to produce different versions and even short series. 

Highly flexible decoration transfer: roll-to-roll or via the PMD single-sheet process

Current users of IMD PUR can choose between the roll-to-roll IMD method or the PMD process for decoration transfer. Print Mold Design (PMD) does not transfer decorations from rolls, but from single sheets onto plastic parts:

  • For IMD PUR designs, special light effects can be integrated into the roll-to-roll process. This is ideal, for instance, for front panels that allow light to pass to give car brands their distinctive identity

  • For IMD PUR designs using PMD single sheets, screen printing enables two-sided printing of the sheets for pronounced 3D effects. Combining such decorations on parts with the typical depth effect of IMD PUR simulates a unique spatial effect, which also can be pierced and permits passage of light