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Brands are tangible - haptic effects by KURZ

Neuromarketing research has confirmed: the decision on whether a product is purchased or not comes down to a positive feeling. Put yourself in the position of your customer who wants to buy an expensive car or a high-quality refrigerator with individually designed surfaces. The look has already won them over - their eyes light up. Then they run their fingers gently over the cockpit or the fridge door - and are thrilled how pleasant the surface feels.KURZ helps you impress your customers with the right feel too, and thus secure your brand individual advantages. Especially in areas with strong competition, an authentic touch and feel can decide the purchase. Make it easier for your customers to make a choice by making your products a sensory highlight.

Also for small series and special sizes

Fancy something special? With KURZ you can easily and efficiently build a prototype for your customers every once in a while to convince them of your skills and creativity. Because we’ve developed a new technology: IPD-skin®. This means that low-volume quantities, one-offs, or prototypes with a variety of tactile surfaces and pronounced structures become economical. Even large or three-dimensional parts and undercuts can be decorated in an almost infinite number of ways and made unique by the special surface grip. Only one tool is required to implement the special requests of your customers. Let your creativity run wild and design your surfaces as you please.