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Technical details at a glance

For a growing number of industrial sectors, hybrid lightweight construction with thermoplastic, fiber-reinforced plastics represents an attractive technology of the future. In this process, ultra-light, extremely sturdy parts can be molded from high-quality raw material in the injection molding machine, and they can now be given an exclusive decorative appearance in the same step of the process.


  • Using a high-performance composite material, the current state of development of our technology means that lightweight parts up to a size of 17 inches can be molded or reshaped. Specifically, thermoplastic polymers are used in combination with continuous fiber reinforcement

  • Our Carbon Composite Decoration technology is responsible for the molding. The thermoplastic starting material is given its shape and plastic coating in a compact injection molding process; it is also decorated at the same time

  • The fine surface finish that is automatically integrated into the process step brings a significant increase in efficiency, as previously necessary additional steps such as varnishing, and sanding are completely eliminated

  • The composite material in the part forms an adherent, durable bond with the decoration design applied