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Spacewood naturals

Reinterpreted: Wood designs for visionary plastic surfaces

What would wood from Mars or from Venus look like? What color would it be? Which kind of grain? How would it feel? Here are KURZ's visions: At first glance, only one shade stands out. If you take a closer look, you can see differences in appearance and perceive flaky and flowing movements. Backlighting creates a completely new impression. All in all, you can see glowing orange like liquid lava. Spacewood naturals interpret the deceptively real look and structure of extraordinary wood types, with recycled plastic material. Whether automotive interiors, furniture, consoles, or design objects such as lamps – backlighting brings about additional highlights.

The effects of the design study go together perfectly with the 3D geometry of the component.


[Translate to English:] Lava Lampe

See for yourself how vivid and natural these wooden designs look. We create futuristic wood designs without eroding forests, and we translate natural phenomena into unprecedented surfaces.

Fancy a design journey into unknown worlds?

Experience our latest design developments first-hand! We are looking forward to seeing you.



Visit us at the KURZ headquarters in Fürth and experience unique sample pieces hands-on!


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