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Gold & Concrete

Of golden precious metal and gray concrete.

Our special theme, Gold & Concrete, presents unprecedented surface designs and plays with the concept of value. Elegant gold finds its counterpart in pure concrete. Genuine material reinvented: the two materials combine to something completely new in a unique surface blend. The special theme Gold & Concrete creates a delicate balance that makes a clear statement: Valuable is whatever you consider valuable.

Our sample kits contain exclusive demo samples for our first focus topic, Gold & Concrete.

Request your free set now, as the number of samples is limited!

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Showroom Gold & Concrete.

Experience with all your senses how precious gold and pure concrete combine to create something completely new in a unique surface liaison. Find individual inspiration and explore unique samples. You define where you want to make statements. Watch our video for impressions from our first Gold & Concrete exhibition:

Visit us at the KURZ headquarters in Fürth and take a look at the surface designs of the future with our Visionary Designers.

KURZ Visionary Design Doortim Gold Concrete
KURZ Visionary Design Gold Closeup
KURZ Visionary Design Gold & Concrete surfaces
KURZ Visionary Design Doortrim Gold Close-Up
KURZ Visionary Design Concrete Close-Up
KURZ Visionary Design pendant Gold
KURZ Visionary Design live presentation
KURZ Visionary Design live exhibition


Visit us at the KURZ headquarters in Fürth and experience unique sample pieces hands-on!


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