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Water, Fire, Earth, Air

Natural inspiration for fascinating surfaces.

The immense power and originality of these four elements has always had a magical fascination for us humans. Why not transfer them to innovative finishing technologies? For our designers, this question provided the inspiration for playing with natural effects in surface designs. A design language, each component as individual as the element it reflects. True to our motto: Making every product unique. See for yourself how deceptively real nature is translated into these designs. You can literally feel the flowing water. The heat of the flames. The power of the earth. And the stormy air that drives the clouds in front of you. Want some more inspiration? Start the video.

Nature as a design model.

Clear, pure surfaces; flowing effects and movements: the special technology creates a unique flow character that picks up on the fluid movement of the elements. The very soft and high-quality surface look and feel is created by the use of matt lacquer and underlines the elegant and special nature of the design. Each component becomes unique and a mirror of nature: the lightness of the air, the flowing movement of the water, the powerful energy of the fire, and the deep connection to the earth. The special features at a glance:

  • Uniqueness: The color gradients make each component unique 

  • Sustainability: Design for Recycling. Components can be recycled without hesitation. Recycled material can be enhanced and customized with the same quality and as individually as new material

  • Efficiency: These extraordinary design effects can be realized in just a few process steps, with as much renewable energy as possible. In Germany it’s 100 percent renewable

  • Backlighting. Backlighting uniquely enhances the natural effects of water, fire, earth, and air 

Visit the KURZ headquarters in Fürth and experience the incomparable effects of our Water, Fire, Earth, and Air designs first-hand. Think ahead with our Visionary Designers.

Visionary Design-Fire
Visionary Design-Water
Visionary Design-Earth
Visionary Design-Air


Visit us at the KURZ headquarters in Fürth and experience unique sample pieces hands-on!


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