Water, Fire, Earth, Air

Natural inspiration for fascinating surfaces

The immense power and originality of these four elements has always had a magical fascination for us humans. Why not transfer them to innovative finishing technologies? For our designers, this question provided the inspiration for playing with natural effects in surface designs. A design language with each component is as individual as the element that reflects it. True to our motto: Making every product unique. See for yourself how deceptively real nature is translated into these designs. You’ll really feel the flowing water. The heat of the flames. The power of the earth. And the stormy air that is pushing the clouds along. These effects can be highlighted even more strongly with backlighting. Need some inspiration? Watch the video.

That is why Elements are so unique:

  • The color gradients make each component unique
  • Backlighting emphasizes the natural Murano glass effect
  • Elements can be combined with Shy Tech designs and touch operation
  • Component and decoration design are created in the post-mold decoration (PMD) process
  • Designed for recycling: Recyclate can be used as well as new material
  • All components are easily recyclable at the end of their life cycle

This 3D concept component, stemming from automotive interiors, shows how extraordinarily the force of the elements acts when used as decoration on plastic components. Matte and gloss effects underline the flow. Sophisticated light design adds additional highlights.


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