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In-Mold Decoration

Although the eyes shop, fingertips are also decisive for purchases.

Over the course of a long history, LEONHARD KURZ has had a positive impact on its customers' manufacturing processes in many respects and has frequently contributed to efficiency. As a result, technical processes have become possible which improve production times, the use of resources and, in particular, the output quality for companies around the globe, thus benefitting the entire value chain and, above all, competitive strength. The KURZ IMD process is no exception. This technique allows manufacturers of plastic parts in almost every industry to combine injection molding for the shaping and applying of decors in one step. In addition to the aesthetic design on plastic surfaces, it is possible to apply completely new soft-touch effects that appeal not only to the eye but also to the sense of touch. Their novel haptic design makes them an unprecedented emotional experience for customers.

In-Mold Decoration (IMD) - technical details at a glance

The complex IMD technology from KURZ can be integrated into a wide variety of production engineering environments. The central production process takes place in an injection molding machine in which the plastic parts are not only shaped, but at the same time decorated and provided with a new, perceptible soft-touch feel. For this purpose, a film feeding device such as the IMD SI DUO is installed on the injection molding machine. This device has sensors that ensure a high-precision flow of the substrate with the register-mark and the decorative IMD coating on top of it. The decoration motifs are thus perfectly aligned and applied.

  • Together with the plastic compound, the substrate with the attached decorative motif is pressed directly onto the wall of the cavity during the injection molding process

  • Due to the temperature in the machine, the design dissolves from the substrate in the form of super-fine layers of lacquer and is transferred and adhered to the plastic surface

  • Characteristic of the technological refinement of the technique is, above all, the fact that as a new aesthetic variant of In-Mold Decoration (IMD), plastic surfaces with a soft finish you can see and feel can now also be created. This gives plastic completely new haptic qualities and can inspire buyers with a very special sensual experience

  • Today even single-frame decorations with a side length of up to 1,000 millimeters can be transferred to plastic surfaces with high precision using IMD technology

For many years, KURZ has offered a wide range of diverse designs and functionalities for the IMD process. Now there are new high-performance coatings, which create a sturdy grip or a smooth soft-touch feel even on multicolor gradients. Also new are designs in leather with a soft, organic-inspired feel, and surfaces with fine decors that give the fingers the feeling of stroking over cool satin fabric.


SATIN FEEL, VELVET FEEL, GRIP FEEL: surfaces as a feast of the senses

The innovative IMD process from KURZ makes it possible to use soft-touch coatings in three variants. This results in different haptics on the end product in combination with a wealth of different functional properties:

SATIN FEEL results in silky-smooth surfaces that are characterized by long-lasting, scratch-resistant, and dirt-repellant qualities.

VELVET FEEL creates velvety-roughened, lavish structures, which are also particularly abrasion-resistant, non-slip, and sound-absorbing.

GRIP FEEL gives plastic surfaces a firm haptic feel, which is accompanied by high wear resistance, slip resistance, and sound optimization.

Infinite combinations for a pleasing look and feel

In combination with the numerous IMD designs by KURZ, an endless variety of aesthetic-functional surface designs can be created. Looks and structural designs in wood, carbon, marble, textile, leather, mother-of-pearl, and concrete are just as feasible as decorations with brushed, metallized, or reflective chrome looks. Just imagine: if, for example, a sparkling chrome surface surprises with a velvety VELVET FEEL when touched, this will initially amaze customers and then generate even more fascination with the product. The IMD process by KURZ is your key to combine single-image decors with a side length of up to 1,000 millimeters, transparent topcoats, and partially or fully backlit surfaces with day-night design or ambient lighting and a soft-touch feel. The infinite range of options ultimately extends to the integration of proximity sensors and touch sensors in the plastic in order to control devices, panels, or light via hand gestures and touch. In the case of metallized designs, however, it is indispensable for the functionality to use a Non-Conductive Vacuum Metallized (NCVM) coating.

Simultaneously produce two differently decorated plastic parts

KURZ is always there for you if you want to make your machines more efficient, economical, and profitable. For the IMD technology, in particular, we have developed an innovative foil feeding device that we can also integrate into your production line. This system bears the name IMD SI DUO and is patent pending. The device can be connected to suitable all-electric injection molding machines and makes it possible to manufacture two differently decorated plastic parts at the same time. For this purpose, the IMD SI DUO works with two independently positionable film webs in a fast and flexible roll-to-roll process. If a design is to be changed, only the corresponding IMD foil roll must be replaced. As we provide our customers with complete support and assistance in the event of adjustments to their production line, you can rely on our full service support for the optimization of your entire value chain. If you wish, we can even use our design expertise to develop completely individual soft-touch effects as a unique selling point for your products. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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