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Hot stamping

Fire your imagination!

Hot stamping is one of the technical production options in which LEONHARD KURZ is especially experienced and which offers outstanding process reliability.  Hot stamping uses heat and pressure in the machine. The desired design can be applied to two-dimensional surfaces of differently shaped plastic parts. KURZ has systematically advanced this proven technique in close cooperation with its subsidiaries BAIER and Hinderer+Mühlich (H+M) in recent years. In particular, high-quality coating components have been developed and refined, giving hot stamping a completely new dimension. And this, in turn, can lead to boundless inspiration for you - both for design and for branding. It also makes you more valuable and attractive to your customers. And they’ll appreciate your efficiency and how quickly you can develop completely new product concepts.

Hot stamping - technical details at a glance

Hot stamping offers two technical methods for transferring decors to molded plastic parts:

Vertical stamping

With vertical stamping, the decor is transferred to molded plastic parts via a heatable embossing stamp in short and fast upward and downward movements. For this purpose, part after part is pushed fully automatically under the rising and lowering moving embossing stamp. The shape of the stamp determines the form and appearance of the decoration. This method is particularly suitable for large-scale decoration and raised decorative structures.

Roller embossing

During the roller embossing process, a conveyor belt transports the molded plastic parts along under the heatable embossing wheel. At the same time, the material with the wafer-thin coating in the desired decor runs over the embossing wheel. The motifs are transferred piece by piece to the plastic by the continuous rolling movement and the applied pressure. This technical process can be used, in particular, for large areas, profiles, and sprayed contours or areas.

As a specialized variant, KURZ also offers peripheral roller embossing. This is particularly suitable for the decorative production of pens, cosmetic tubes, and other such products.

Hot stamping designs in all facets

For many years, KURZ has been offering premium-quality hot stamping decors that combine the benefits of hot stamping with a multicolored, crisp and clean appearance. This makes it possible to add even the smallest lettering, filigree lines, multi-colored designs, bold full colors, and the finest color gradients in halftone images to a product. Ideal for loyalty cards, product seals, logos, and many other applications. Silk-screen varnishing (for lower volumes) and gravure varnishing (for higher volumes) are equally acceptable for hot stamped decorated plastic parts. KURZ guarantees the economic efficiency, precision and workability of decorated components in these final production steps.

But that’s not all. KURZ has already taken creativity to the next level.

From brushed to argent - from wood look to exclusive chrome effects

The pioneering heat stamping technology from KURZ makes it possible to transfer photorealistic images in a composition of several colors to plastic surfaces with the help of wafer-thin coatings. A single complex operation is sufficient, even if metallized surfaces are to be integrated. Multicolored decors are imprinted on plastic parts as single images with the highest accuracy. Finally, a quality protective layer creates a full-surface seal for long-lasting color stability and abrasion resistance. With this technique, you can decorate your products completely or partially. KURZ also gives you the option to further boost the attractiveness of your products. As we are constantly refining this technology, brushed effects and metallic looks are also possible with hot-stamped decors. The range of your creative and innovative possibilities includes even wood effects and chrome surfaces. We give you the choice between first- and second-surface decorations, so that both the front and the back of surfaces can be decorated in a particularly efficient and advantageous manner. So, you can let your imagination run even freer when creating new products. 

Comprehensive, creative hot stamping technology from a single source

KURZ would like to make it as effortless as possible for you with cutting-edge hot stamping technology for even the most demanding décor. With the BAIER GEBA 32/SW, you have a high-end system for seamless integration into your production line. The BAIER GEBA 32/SW monitors all technical parameters without interruption. The system performs regular plausibility checks and intuitively assists your operators in handling the machine and production process. Convenient remote diagnosis is incorporated in the machine concept. And a specially developed service app is also included.


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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