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Carbon Composite Decoration

Produce lightweight components that make a big visual impression

You don't need long to explain the advantages of the hybrid lightweight construction process with fiber-reinforced plastics. Technology and materials mean components with enormous stability and minimal weight. Which is why they are so interesting for demanding suppliers, especially in automotive engineering and consumer electronics. The importance of hybrid lightweight components for these and other industries is likely to grow even faster in the future. LEONHARD KURZ has succeeded in mastering a major challenge: We can combine hybrid lightweight manufacturing and decoration into a highly efficient one-shot solution.

The process is called Carbon Composite Decoration. We have applied for a patent together with Bond Laminates and are currently working flat out to prepare for mass production. This means you can not only form, reshape, back-inject and reinforce hybrid components, but also decorate them attractively in the same step. In the past, there were many individual steps required, often done by hand. Now we can use highly efficient one-step technology and reduce production costs by up to 60%.

Technical details at a glance

For a growing number of industrial sectors, hybrid lightweight construction with thermoplastic, fiber-reinforced plastics represents an attractive technology of the future. In this process, ultra-light, extremely sturdy parts can be molded from high-quality raw material in the injection molding machine, and they can now be given an exclusive decorative appearance in the same step of the process.


Cost-effective, versatile and durable

The fully automated Carbon Composite Decoration process allows you to pave the way for an especially cost-efficient production of attractive, high-quality lightweight components. Such as attractive device housings for tomorrow's consumer electronics or super-light and highly rigid door trim strips for new automotive series. With Carbon Composite Decoration, KURZ helps you stay on the ball with industrial megatrends.


Outstanding looks can also be created with product design

Two major hurdles had to be overcome in the development of our Carbon Composite Decoration technology, which is ready for series production: Firstly, the tool technology had to be adapted to the innovative manufacturing process. Secondly, KURZ developed a decoration system based on our proven Inmold Decoration IMD technology that is tailor made for the new process. Special formulations had to be created for this system to ensure that decorative coatings with different customer specifications adhere especially well to the material of the lightweight components.

This makes it possible to offer a wide range of design and finishing options. Think, for example, about on-trend designs with matt, metallized, glossy and brushed finishes. You can even create combined wood-gold looks or tactile, transparent soft-touch effects on the surfaces of your lightweight components. This brings out the carbon look of the composite material used in an especially effective way.

From a technical point of view, a new era is about to begin for you

With complete automation, the reduction in your current manufacturing and decoration costs for ultra-thin-walled components can be up to 60%. Please feel free to ask us about the complete solution. We have worked closely and in partnership with the specialist suppliers Engel Austria GmbH and Bond Laminates during the development phase. If you are interested in the design, integration and installation of the appropriate machine station in your manufacturing process, we can provide you with advice and support. We look forward to initial conversations with you and would be happy to use our expertise to boost efficiency to the maximum throughout your company.


One of our strengths is the consultation on the product together with the customer. Our team of qualified specialists develops suitable solutions for your surfaces. Contact us now and let us inform, advise and inspire you.

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