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As a global company, we are aware of our responsibility to protect people and the environment. That's why we continuously optimize each of our areas of responsibility, from production to recycling. "Lifecycle Thinking" is the motto. This means trendy surfaces inspired by nature that save natural resources. 100% green energy, mostly generated with our own photovoltaic, renewable heating and energy systems. Dry and emission-free production processes. With the highest quality standards and our unique PET recycling, we are taking a decisive step closer to the recycling economy every day. Our sustainability innovations give you a competitive edge.

be a green leader

Sustainability - our responsibility

Circle of life


We always have one thing in mind: the careful use of resources in the production of our transfer decorations. They are much thinner than human hair. This saves as much material as possible. Thanks to our renewable heating and energy systems, we remain far below the legal emission values. We are constantly expanding our photovoltaic systems. And we far exceed international production standards.


Our wafer-thin transfer products are applied dry and emission-free, both in hot stamping and In-Mold Decoration (IMD) processes. The PET material serves purely as a carrier material and does not remain on the components.  Decoration of recycled plastics is also possible with our products.


Our guiding principle: Design for Recycling. Our decorations don't just impress with their spectacular appearance. They also score points with sustainability. They do not restrict the recyclability of products. Recycled materials also look as individual and high-quality as new materials with our finishes. Sustainability may be visible. That's why we also develop special designs for you to show that your product contains recycled content. By doing so, we contribute to raising awareness for our environment.


Waste is also a valuable resource that can be used. That's exactly what we do. KURZ is the only company in the industry that takes back the PET carrier, processes it into pellets and makes it reusable for other products. We are gradually expanding our program for PET carrier material and are planning to set up recycling plants at all our production sites in the future.

Sustainability: we care

Our visions go far beyond design and functionality. Be a green leader. Together with you, we are taking a decisive step towards closed cycle technology. That’s our guiding principle. And our responsibility as a global company drives us:


Making Every Product Unique

  • We save material and energy without compromising on quality and innovation
  • Recycled materials can be refined by our transfer products with the same high quality and creativity as new materials
  • Design for Recycling! We develop products that are recyclable
  • You benefit from unlimited design freedom, as well as efficient costs

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