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Composite Decoration - Breakthrough in light weight composite decoration

High strength, low weight:

The benefits of hybrid lightweight construction using fiber-reinforced plastics are becoming increasingly important – in automotive construction as well as in consumer electronics. However, decorating these materials is time-consuming, calling for many individual process steps, some done by hand.

We have now made a breakthrough in the decoration of lightweight components with an efficient one-shot process, on which we are working in collaboration with Bond Laminates and Engel Austria.


The process combines component decoration and molding in one process step, thereby considerably shortening the time taken to decorate composites, because the usual painting and sanding work is not required.

Soon you will have a choice of on-trend foil designs with matt or lightly textured surfaces, e.g. a brushed metal or structured carbon look, which are particularly well suited to the decoration of fiber composite parts.

We are working flat out to bring our IMD foil to series maturity in a variety of designs. The special formulation will be tailored to customer specifications, and firmly bonded to the material of the component.

IPD-Skin - The efficient process for greater design freedom

New decoration technology

Complex small series, optional extras, personalized product elements – exclusive customer wishes can be met easily and efficiently with our new decoration technology, IPD-Skin (Individual Post Decoration Skin).

This process allows for extremely flexible and cost-effective decoration of a wide variety of substrates using one tool – for small quantities, individual pieces, and prototypes.

Even large or highly three-dimensional parts and undercuts can be decorated virtually without limitation. Numerous haptic surfaces with distinctive structures are also possible.

IPD-Skin is the perfect complement to our decoration processes, such as hot stamping, in-mold decoration, and insert molding. Thanks to our extensive portfolio, you can select the most efficient process for each application and create a collection with a homogenous look.


  • Maximum design flexibility for small series and special editions
  • Decoration process can be used for large size parts
  • Various decoration substrates with haptic and optical effects feasible
  • Low temperature and pressure load result in better tactile finishes
  • High flexibility and fast changeover between different decoration parts

Radical change in plastic parts – KURZ Touch & Gesture

Sensor Technology from PolyIC

Touch control panels and displays that use sensor technology are making inroads in vehicles, household appliances and consumer electronics. A megatrend to which we have a series-ready response: Series solutions for decorated plastic components with industrially built-in sensors.

Compared with complex OCA technology, in which components are manually fitted with sensors, our new integration process for machine-based sensor application saves time and money while maintaining optimum functional reliability: The sensors are firmly bonded to the component, along with their tail, and are then immediately functional.

The key to this new technology lies in the PolyTC sensor foils from PolyIC, a KURZ company. In comparison with the commonly used ITO (indium tin oxide) foils, PolyTC foils with high-resolution metal structures on polyester carriers are considerably more elastic and highly conductive, making them ideal for use in the car dashboard, for example. The sensors are easier to shape, and are also suitable for curved surfaces and plastic parts in a thickness of 2.5 mm or more. Even at these material thicknesses, PolyTC foils are reliably conductive.


  • Smart and functional plastics with PolyIC touch sensors
  • Even curved surfaces are possible with PolyTC
  • PolyTC silver metal mesh offers better conductivity than ITO
  • Best cost ratio due to connector and tail integration

Our decoration solutions for plastic components are also specially matched to the respective sensor application: For example, if metal designs are being used, we use non-conductive NCVM foils. These do not affect the capacitive sensor panel. Injection molded parts are produced using a combined process: The component is decorated and the sensor foil applied in one shot.


Light Management: Eye-catching backlighting

Individual design

Light is gaining increasing importance as a design element in the individual design of spaces and surfaces – in both functional and aesthetic terms. Light allows you to set exceptional accents – be it as an important function display, a practical light source, or subtle background lighting.

Individual highlights that set your products apart from the competition. In vehicles as well as in electronic products, household appliances, or furniture.



  • For light concepts without limits
  • Dead front designs even with metalized surfaces
  • Color or design changing patterns or surfaces

We, too, are following this important trend, and can offer you a range of new design solutions for your latest light concepts. In our portfolio you will find translucent dead front designs, which appear as an opaque design surface in daylight, then provide a view of the control panel, for example, when the function is activated.

Should you require metalized surfaces, e.g. touch and gesture functions, these can be implemented without any functional restriction using our NCVM (non conductive vacuum metallization) technology.

In addition, our wide range of variable patterns and designs offers you maximum design freedom in terms of surface look. Carbon, wood, metal, or color designs that are fully translucent.

Structures that change in fascinating ways with background lighting. Decorations with completely new color and material effects. With our decoration solutions, there are no limits on the creativity of your light concepts.

Making ideas visible - Stamping tools from hinderer + mühlich

Creativity combined with the highest precision:

High-class workmanship from hinderer + mühlich, the KURZ Group's stamping tool specialist, touches all areas of everyday life. It gives products their unique character. It is based on over 50 years of experience. And it ranges from simple stamps to highly complex 3D support fixtures.

The precision, dependability, and delivery reliability that this manufacturer of stamping tools provides are particularly valued in the automotive sector. Machinery, tools and decorative elements are perfectly matched. What's more, the high accuracy of the tools guarantees optimum edge definition and surface quality, particularly in the case of challenging, complex geometries such as a radiator grill.

Besides companies in the automotive sector that place their trust in hinderer + mühlich, customers in a wide variety of sectors trust us with their projects and products – from mascara bottles to writing tools, credit cards to syringes, identification documents to vacuum cleaners.

In addition to tools that are used in industrial mass production and that have to meet the highest standards, hinderer + mühlich also manufactures pilot and small batches.

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